Sabarimala The sacred Abode of Lord Ayyappa

Subarimala is one of the most important pilgrim centres of the State.  The holy shrine nestles at an altitude of 914m in the rugged terrains of Western Ghats, surrounded by dense forest teeming with exotic wildlife species.  It is regarded as the third richest temple in India and considering the number of days it is open in a year, the shrine is perhaps the richest.  The temple stays open from November to mid January in April and during the first five days of each month of the Malayalam calendar.  Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity is known as Sastha in the puranas and is also referred as Harihara Puthran, as he is believed to be the son of Mohini ( the female form of Lord Vishnu) and Lord Siva.  Devotees of all religious faiths can worship here, but entry to the shrine is restricted for women between the ages of 10 and 50 years.  Traditionally, the devotees who wish to undertake a holy pilgrimage to Sabrimala observe 41 days of penance, following strict celibacy, morning and evening ablutions, growing of beard accompanied by daily prayers.  The final 18 steps leading to the main sanctum are sheathed in panchaloha, an alloy of five metals.  Each step represents a sin that a devotee renounces on setting a foot on it.  Millions of pilgrims assemble here during the most arduous festivals called as ‘Vishnu Vilakku’ in April, ‘Makaravilakku’ in mid January, coinciding with Sankramam.

Reaching There

Sabarimala lies in Pathanamthitta district.  The traditional route is from Erumeli (40km) in Kottayam district.  It has 51km walk from Erumeli to Pampa.  From Pampa the trekking route goes via Nelimala, Appachimedu, and Sabaripeedom to Sannidhanam, the abode of Ayyapa.  Other routes are from Vandiperiyar, Uppupara and Chalakkayam Via Plappally.  These routes are famous for their scenic splendour and mythological value.  Vehicular traffic is only up to Pampa, located 7km from the holy shine.  Pampa is 210km from Thiruvananthapuram.

Sabarimala Distance Guide

Sabarimala Changannassery 50 Km
Sabarimala Guruvayur 211 Km
Sabarimala Kaladi 149 Km
Sabarimala Kalpetta 391 Km
Sabarimala Kannur 405 Km
Sabarimala Kasaragod 494 Km
Sabarimala Kochi 139 Km
Sabarimala Kodungallor 169 Km
Sabarimala Kollam 126 Km
Sabarimala Kottayam 68 Km
Sabarimala Kovalam 182 Km
Sabarimala Kozhikode 319 Km
Sabarimala Malappuram 281 Km
Sabarimala Munnar 210 Km
Sabarimala Muvattupula 122 Km
Sabarimala Painavu 129 Km
Sabarimala Palakkad 265 Km
Sabarimala Alappuzha 75 Km
Sabarimala Shoranur 236 Km
Sabarimala Sultan Bathery 416 Km
Sabarimala Thalassery 383 Km
Sabarimala Thiruvananthapuram 169 Km
Sabarimala Thrissur 171 Km
Sabarimala Vaikam 104 Km