Bihar Tourism India

Bihar, the bastion of Buddhism is said to be named after a Sanskrit word “Vihara” or a Buddhist monastery, as this is the land from where the great religion of Buddhism originated and spread all around the world.  This ancient land is also held very sacred by the Jains, as 6 Jain tirthankaras were born and 22 out of 24 thirthankaras, attained nirvana (salvation) at this sacred land.  Lord Mahavir, the founder of Jainism was born and stayed here for 42 years.  Also, associated with this land of great religions is Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, whose birth place is Patna.  The sacred land of monasteries is studded with a number of important Hindu, Jain, Muslim and Sikh shrines.  Bihar was also a great centre of learning.  The ruins of the worlds’ earliest university still reflect the grandeur of the bygone era.

The State has very ancient, glorious and colourful history.  India’s first major empires, which held sway over the region before Christian era, rose and fell here. Some of the great ruler and dynasties to have ruled the land includes, Bimbisara; Udayin, founder of Patliputra city; Chandragupta Maurya and Asoka, the great of Mauryan dynasty; the Sungas, Kanvas and Kushans followed by Chandragupta Vikramaditya of Gupta dynasty.  During the medieval period, it came under the reigns of Muslim and finally, the Britisher’s occupied the region. The holy river Ganga flowing through the State has enriched the plains and made the region so fertile and plentiful that its natural prosperity nurtured a veritable fountainhead of political and cultural civilisations down the millennia.  Today, Bihar is a quaint interface of ancient and anon.

Rajgir Tour Information

Rajgir, the capital of the Magadh Mahajanpad (State) before the foundation of Patliputra is named after Raj Griha, literally meaning the “Royal Palace”.   The town sprawls in a valley amidst scenic surroundings and is one of the most important tourist and Buddhist pilgrim centres in India.

Bodh Gaya Tour Information

Bodh Gaya (once Uruvela village) is the most important and sacred Buddhist pilgrim centre in the world. It was here that Gautama (Prince Siddharth) finally attained nirvana under the Bodhi (banyan)tree and became Buddha, the enlightened one. 

Nalanda Tour Information

Nalanda, the ancient Buddhist centre, literally means the place that confers the lotus.  It was visited by Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira, but came into prominence after 5th century AD., as a leading centre of learning in the world. 

Patna Tourism Information

The imperial city of Patna sprawling on the banks of the sacred river Ganga is among the world’s oldest capital cities, with a continuous history of over two millennia.  It remained the seat of power for many dynasties and was known by different names like, Kusumpura, Pushpapura, Pataliputra and Azeemabad. 

Vaishali Tourism Information

Vaishali, an important archaeological site on the left bank of the Gandak river is yet another major Buddhist and Jain pilgrim centre of Bihar.  The town is said to be named after the legendary king Vishal, whose heroic deeds are mentioned in epic Ramayana.