Bekal Kerala Or Bekal India

The beautiful sea-side village in the far north of the State is known for the mighty fort, excellent beaches, backwaters and festivals.

Places to Visit in Bekal

Bekal Frot

The circular late rite fort set on a rocky headland overlooking the Arabian Sea is one of the largest and best preserved forts of Kerala.  It was originally built by Shivappa naik of the Ikkeri dynasty, between 1645 and 1660.  During 18thcentury, the fort came under the control of Tipu Sultanand later passed into the hands of British.  The observation towers of the fort afford breathtaking views of the scenic surrounding and the beautiful Bekal Beach.

Pallikere Beach

The beautiful beach is at a walking distance from the Bekal fort.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park

This unique Aqua Park is one of its kind in this part of the State.

Kappil Beach (6km)

The idyllic beach is popular among the tourists.  The Kodi Cliff nearby affords fine view of the Arabian Sea.

Bekal Tour Information

Chandragiri Fort (10km)

The square shaped fort amidst the Lakshadweep sea and Chandragiri river was built in 17th century by Sivapa Naik of Bedanore.  It is excellent sun-set point and boat trips to the nearby islands and palm groves from Chandragiri Bridge are popular.  Nearby is a mosque built by Malik Ibn Dinar, who is said to have introduced Islam in Kerala in 664AD.  The ancient temple of Kizhur Sastha is also very popular.