Mizoram Tourist Places Or Places to Visit in Mzoram

Mizoram, the land of the ‘Blue Mountain’ or the ‘Hill People’s Land’ is virtually under the cover of magnificent mountains and deep gorges.  It perhaps the ‘most peaceful State of India’, as the Mizo society is practically free from divisions on the basis of caste, creed ad sex.  The Mizo’s codes of ethics are based on ‘Tlawmngaithna’, which means “be kind, unselfish, and hospitable to others”.  It is also the second highest literate State of India and is witnessing multidimensional development.  Mizos, are also known for their numerous folk and community dances and are perhaps the finest choir singers in the North East.  The nimble fingered craftsmen create exquisite handicraft and handloom articles.  The beautiful remote state is also noted for its rich wealth of flora and fauna.


The attractive capital town of Mizoram is set on a ridge at an altitude of 4,000ft above sea level, overlooking the lush green Tlawng River valley to its east, while to its north are the beautiful craggy hills of Durtlang.  The Tropic of Cancer passes through this tranquil hill resort.

Mizoram State Museum

It is set in the centre of the town and houses historical relics, ancient costumes, textiles, exquisite artefacts and traditional implements.  Another museum is located at the Macdonald’s hill.

Bora Bazar

This main shopping area of Aizawl provides glimpses of Mizo lifestyle.  Mizos in their traditional costumes trade their wares and women weaving shawls can be seen at work, at the ‘Weaving Centre’.

Mini Zoological Garden

The zoo at the Durtlang Hills is home to animals and birds found only in the hills of Mizoram.  The Durtlang Hills affords a panoramic view of Aizawl and is a must visit site for a breathtaking view of the hills.  Other attractive sites are the Assam Rifles Centre, Raj Bhawan, the Assembly and Secretariat.

Aizawal Tour Information

Bung (15km) & Paikhai (16km)

These cool breezy places are popular picnic and recreational sites.

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre (7km)

‘Khumbeu’, the ceremonial bamboo hat made of waterproof wild ‘Hnahthial’ leaves is one of the most popular items of this centre.

Tamdil Lake (85km)

This largest lake of Mizoram is an excellent picnic site and also has facilities for boating.