Jharkhand Tourism Information

Jharkhand spread tantalizingly over Chhotanagpur Plateau and Santhal Paragana is a land endowed with rare natural gifts.  It came into existence on 15th November 2000 as the 28th State of the Indian Union.  This homeland of tribals is full of stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, verdant valleys, serpentine rivers, wonderful waterfalls, lush green forests and exotic wildlife.  It seems as if Mother Nature has magnanimously bestowed much of its charm to the State and presents her best for – pure, pristine, picturesque and phenomenal.

The mineral rich Chhotanagpur plateau accounts for over 41% of the country’s total mineral production.  Thus large numbers of mineral based industries cab be see over here, which blend nicely with the landscape.  Besides large mineral deposits, numerous rivers criss crossing the State are perfect for harnessing power and rich forest resources are sure to make Jharkhand, the new epicentre of the Indian Industry.
This retreat of peace and beauty has all the ingredients for a perfect off beat holiday.  It is a must visit destinations for the nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.