Chhattisgarh Tourism Information

Charming Chhattisgarh, the beautiful land locked island of tranquillity is predominantly inhabited by peace loving tribals and is a major ethic and eco-destination of the country.  Chattisgarh, a land ‘full of surprises’, is endowed with rich forest reserve and mineral wealth.  Baster, the ‘jewel of Chhattisgarh’ boasts of dense forest, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife and diversified tribal culture.

Various dynasties like Maurya, Satvahana, Vakatak, Guptavansh, Nalvansh, Panduvansh, Somvanshi, Nagvanshi, Manklik and Kalchuri’s (Haihayvanshi) have been associated to the region.  The region was also under the regime of Marathas from 1732 to 1818 and was later brought under the Nagpur presidency by the British.  The rhythmic folk music, dances and dramas are a treat to watch and also provide an insight into the culture of the State.  The most famous dance-drama of the State is Pandwani, which is a musical carration of the great Hindu epic Mahabharata.  Raut Nacha (folk dance of cowherds), the Panthi and Soowa are some of the other famous dance styles of the region.
This enchanting land teeming with virgin natural beauty and magnificent monuments can also become a leading tourist destination of the country.  The unique tribal culture along with intricately carved shrines, caves, majestic forts, palaces and above all the splendid scenic beauty will certainly leave an indelible mark on the memories of a traveller to this ”land of plenty”.