About Jog Falls in Karnataka India

About Jog falls, the highest waterfalls in India are also ranked among the highest in the world. Sharavati river drops down from an elevation of over 900ft amidst lush forest and creates four distinct cascades known as Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket.  ‘Raja’ the highest among the four, plunges into the vapour shrouded pool.  It is joined by ‘Roarer’, about 100 ft below and then comes ‘Rocket’ and ‘Rani’ cascades.  The falls are more appropriate time to visit from December to February.  A panoramic view of the Linganamakki dam can also be enjoyed from here.

Jog falls is about 84km to northeast of Murudeshwar across Sharavathi River are Jog Falls.  Highest in the state of Karnataka, Jog Falls are the fifth highest in Asia.  The Sharavathi River makes a spectacular drop of 253m in four distinct cascades known locally as Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket to create the highest fall in Asia.  The highest is Raja.  Halfway down is Roarer that tumbles with even greater sound than Raja, while a short distance to the south is Rocket, which spurts great shafts of water into the air.  The Rani gracefully cascades over the rocks adjacent to Rocket.  When the sluice gates of the upstream Linganamakki Dam are closed, it is worth taking a walk right down to the bottom of the gorge.  The falls are at their best during the monsoon, with arching rainbows coloring the mist.

Jog Falls Sightseeing

The 8km upstream is the 2750m long Linganamakki Dam, also popularly known as Honnemaradu.  Tucked amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats along the expansive Sharavati backwaters it is a wonderful site for camping on the island and trekking.  The forests around Honnemaradu and Jog Falls are a birdwatcher's delight.  Anebayalu, the single biggest power station is South East Asia is located here. It can be reached by a wire rope trolley.  16km from here is the wildlife sanctuary at Honnemaradu, a known centre for adventure and conservation study.  Jog is an ideal base for trekking trails to Gerusoppa (20km) and Nagarabastieri (6km from Gerusoppa) to witness the architectural grandeur of Chaturmukha Basadi.

The places worth a visit around Jog Falls include Kodachadri, 60km.  The view of the Western Ghats and Udupi from the summit at a height of 1343m is captivating.  At the summit stands an old temple of Hulideva with a beautiful 32 handed image sculpted in stone.  The peak of Kodachari is popular with trekkers and the surrounding forests are rich in medicinal herbs.  70km from Jog is Singandhoor noted for the scenic beauty of the backwaters of the Linganamakki.  Also worth a visit is the Dabbe Falls at a distance of 25m from Jog.  The cascade her rolls down from a high of 60m into a rocky valley surrounded by thick evergreen forests.

Keladis is about 33km away from Jog Falls. It is well known for its temples and a museum preserving collection from the Nayaka's period.