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Bundi (36km)

The beautiful town nestled in a vardant villey is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on three sides and enclosed by huge walls with four gateways.  A picturesque lake in the centre adds to the beauty of Bundi.  A medieval fortress stands sentinel to this city a mute witness to history and time.  Within the ramparts are majestic palaces, haveli’s temples and intricately carved cenotaphs.  Bundi is also very well known for its exquisite paintings and murals. << Click to Book Your Tour Online>>

Bundi Durg or Taragarh

The white coloured ‘Star fort’ atop a thickly wooded hill was built in 1411, by Rao Raja Bar Singh.  There are several interesting monuments and a huge reservoir within the fort.

Garh Palace

The palace set elegantly down the hillside and is one of the finest examples of Rajput architecture.  It is approached by a steep, paved carriage way, through the Hazari Pol or the ‘Gate of the Thousand’.  The Naubat Khana and the Hathi Pol are some of the places of interest inside the palace.

Chhatra mahal

It was built by Maharao Shatrusal Singh ji and is famous for its murals in the miniature style.  The beautiful small pool and ‘Hathiya Sal’ (each pillar with four wooden elephants) are also notable.  Phool Mahal and Badal mahal are worth visiting for their paintings.  Prior permission of the secretary at Motimahal is required for the visit.


The walls of this famous arcaded gallery are adorned with elaborate paintings depicting scenes from the ‘Ragmala’ and ‘Raslila’.  It is a must visit site.

Nawal Sagar

The serene square shaped artificial lake is interspersed by islets.  A temple of Varuna (God of the Wind) stands half submerged in the middle of the lake.


The 46m deep step well (Baori) outside the city walls has high arched gate and carved pillars.  Beautiful murals adorn its pillars, torans and gates.

Sukh Mahal

The summer palace surrounded by a garden was built during the reign of Rao Raja Vishnu Singh on the banks of Sukh Sagar Lake.

Jait Sagar Lake

The pristine lake nestled amidst lush hills was built by Jaita Meena. The fleeting fountain in the lake is quite spectacular at night.  Terrace gardens and Smriti Kunj are the other attractions around the lake. << Click to Book Your Tour Online>>

Phool Sagar

The 20th century palace graced by formal gardens and an artificial tank is the residence of the erstwhile ruler.

Shikar Burj

The royal hunting lodge amid lush woods is a beautiful picnic spot.

Kshar Bagh

This ancient garden near the Shikar Burj cenotaphs of the Bundi royal family. The cenotaphs are noted for their rich architectural splendour.

Eighty Four Pillared Cenotaphs

This majestic memorial was built by Rao Raja Anirudh in the memory of his foster brother.  The cenotaph with 84 pillars along with a ‘Shivlinga’ is an architectural marvel. << Click to Book Your Tour Online>>

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