About Pazhamudircholai Temple Or Palamuthirsolai Temple

pazhamudircholai is 4km up the Azhagar hill is the ancient Sri Murugan temple of pazhamudircholaii, the second of the Aarupadaiveedus to be located near Madurai.

Venerated by the Skanda Puranam, it also finds mention in Nakkeerar's thirumurugatrupadai.  According to the sthala purana, this is the site of the famous blackberry drama that the Lord enacted to test His great devotee, Saint Avvaiyar.  It is said tht the old saint rested under a tree, fatigued by the scorching heat.  Lord Subramanya then assumed the form of a small boy and sat on one of its braches.  "Would you like to taste some fruits?" he inquired "Sure," replied the tired Avvaiyar. "Would you like them roasted or just like that?" the Lord further asked. "Has anybody heard of a roasted fruit in this world?" countered the saint, who was an adept in Tamil poetry.  "Why not?" responded the Lord.  Not wishing to argue with the boy, whom she mistook for an ignorant kid, she asked him to throw her the roasted fruit.  The boy shook the branches and fruits fell on the ground.  As the sage dusted off the fruits, to her amazement she found them warm, as if freshly roasted.  She looked up the tree, and asked the boy, "Who are you really?" Instantly, the boy disappeared, and in his place stood the Lord, Avvaiyar realized that it was one of the Lord's Leelas (play).  Despite her vast knowledge, when felt there was so much more that she had to learn.  She bowed to the Lord and requested Him to bestow Her with knowledge.

Located in sylvan surroundings, this tiny shrine is the smallest and the last of the si abodes of Lord Muruga, nevertheless, popular.  A small four-tiered gopuram greets us at the entrance.  Though the shrine is ancient, the present structure was built only recently.  Lord Subramanya is the presiding deity, with the Vel (trident).  He is depicted with four hands, and is flanked by the divine consorts, Valli and Devayanai, in Tamil.  Saint Arunagirinather, in his psalms, says that a visit to pazhamudircholaii would bestow one with both health and wealth.

Near the temple is Noopura Gangai, a spring, where devotees bathe.  The shrine is administered by Sri Kall AZhagar Devasthanam.

Pazhamudircholai Temple Timings

Palamuthirsolai Murugan Temple Timing Marning 5.30 AM to 1 PM andEvening 4 PM to 9 PM.

How to get there:  There are regular mini bus trips to pazhamudircholaii from Azagar koil.  Accommodation: Madurai.