About Nandalur Temple

Nandalur, 13km from Votimitta, on the Cuddapah-Madras route, is famous for Sri Sowmyanatha temple.  Compared to the quiet of Lepakshi and the aloofness of Vontimitta, the Nandalur temple is more alive, perhaps because of the involvement of the local people.  The temple was built during the Chola period, and the inscriptions are in Tamil.

Nandalur is said to have had a Buddhist past, and is said to be archaeologically significant.  But it is now the abode or Lord Sowmyanatha, another aspect of Sri Vishnu.  The shrine has four gopurams in the four directions.  Sri Sowmyanatha Swamy is regarded as another aspect of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati.  Sri Maha Lakshmiammavaru is the Divine Consort here.  Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy shrine is located near the entrance to the sanctum.

The Nandalur temple is only the second of the two temples in Andhra Pradesh to which the state government offers pearls during the annual Kalyanaotsavam.  The Sita Ramaswamy temple in Bhadrachalam, in Khammam district of AP, is the other and more notable recipient.

How to reach Nandalur

Nandalur is 13km from Vontimitta, on the way to Rajampet.  Rajampet, a major town on the Tirupati highway, is 11km from Nandalur.


Good, clean accommodation is available in Cuddapah or Rajampet.