About Kutralam templee Or Kutralanathar Temple

Kutralam, the "Spa of the south"  is at an elevation of about 170m, on the Western Ghats.  Water falls from a height of 60m in the Peraruvi on Main Falls.  There are eight other falls.  The waters reportedly have therapeutic qualities since the streams meander through forests full of rare medicinal herbs.  June to September is the season.

Kutralanathar Temple

Sri Thrikootachalanathar Kutralanathar temple is near the Main Falls, in a picturesque locale.  Kutralam forms part of the Pancha Sabha, the five halls where Lord Shiva performs His cosmic dance.  Here it is the Chitra Sabha or the Hall of Pictures.

According to the sthala puranam, sage Agastya, at Shiva's request, came here to restore the earth's balance, which had tilted due to the mass convergence of the devas and other living entities in the mass convergence of the devas and other living entities in the Himalayas.  They had congregated at Mount Kailash to witness the celestial wedding of Shiva with Parvati.  The sage created the Lingam here by shrinking an already existing image of Vishnu.  Kuttralam gets its name from this action, kurukkudal (Shrinking).  Shiva then gave darshan to the sage as the Trinity (Brahma Vishnu and Shiva), to convey the truth that the Supreme is One.  Hence Kuttralam is also known as Thrikootachalam (the Hill of the Trinity).  Shiva is portrayed variously as Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Eswara, Sadasiva and Subramanya during the annual Brahmotsavam.  The temple prakaram is said to be conch-shaped.  Shiva, the presiding deity, is known as Sri Thrikootachalapathi or Sri Thirukutralanathar.  His sannidhi is flanked to the right by that of the divine consort Sri Parvati in a separate shrine.  It is one of the 64 Shakto Peetams.  Here She is worshipped as Sri Kuzhalvaimozh Amman. To the left of Kutralanathar's sannidhi is the sanctum of Goddess Parashakti.  Also found here are inscriptions dating from the Chola and Pandya period.  The Chitra Sabha is located away from the main temple, Nataraja is depicted dancing with Goddess Sivakami.  There are hundreds of murals here, displaying scenes from the puranas.

The entrance is rather modest, and the gopuram even more so.  However, it's a fairly big shrine.  There are sculpted pillars and minutely-carved doors.  The entrance to the sanctum is a riot of color.

How to get there:  Kuttralam is 5km from Tenkasi.  There are regular bus services between Tenkasi and Kuttralam.
Accommodation:  In Kuttralam town.  Tenkasi is an added option.