About Kotipalli Temple Or Kotipalli Someswara Swamy Temple

Kotipalli, near Draksharama, is a well-known pilgrimage centre in East Godavari district, which finds mention in the Brahmananda and Gowtami puranas.  It is unique for the presence of both Shiva and Vishnu shrines in the same temple.  Shiva is worshipped here as someswara, while Vishnu is worshipped as Sri Janardhana Swamy.  The temple is known as Sri Someswara Swamy/Sri Janardhana Swamy temple.  The other three principal deities here are Indra, Chandra (Moon) and sage Kasyapa.

Sage Kasyapa is said to have instaled the idols of Sri Janardhana Swamy, an aspect of Vishnu, and his tow consorts, Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. Indra consecrated the Kotswara Lingam to wash awamy his sins, while Chandra installed the Someswara Lingam, and the idol of Sri Raja Rajeswari.

Kotipalli is reputed for its holy waters, which were first brought here by sage Gowtami.  It is known as Koti theertha Kshetram, as it is at the confluence of several streams.  The Koteswara Lingam is referred to as Yoga Lingam, and the Someswara Lingam as Bhoga Lingam.  Sri Raja Rajeswari is known for granting boons, as is Sri Siddhi Janardhana Swamy.  The temple has a modest, three-tiered Rajagopuram.

The Massive koneru (tank), in front of the shrine, has, in the centre, a huge, concrete image of Lord Shiva, in meditation, in the padamasana pose.

How to Reach Kotipalli

Kotipalli is 10 km from Draksharamam.  You can also come from Rajamundry, 50km away.  Amalapurm, at the heart of Kona Seema, is only 15km from here via ferry. Kotipalli has a railway station, with a line running to Kakinada, but, like in the case of Draksharama, has just one train passing through.