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Sage Angirasa was the son of lord Brahma Deva.  He is the seventh son of Vasudha.  Tara is the wife of Guru.  Baharathwaja is the son of Guru.  Guru is the minister of Indra, the lord of Devas.  Temperamentally, Guru is Sattvic tending towards harmony.  He rides an elephant.  His chariot is pulled by a golden horse.  He caused the snake yaga prematurely terminated and saved Indira's crown.  He is the fifth from sun, a very large planet coming round the Sun.  He stops in each constellation for a year. On his four hands are the book and the rosary.  It is ancient practice to worship Lord Dakshinamurthy as Guru.  Guru is also praised as Brahaspathi, Vyazhan and Mantri.


Expert of vedas, arts and sciences lord of celestials,
Apt counsellor ruler of flourishing city of gold,
giver of riches, enjoyment and honor,
Lord Guru, I praise thy holy feet.

The period of Guru's influences is 16 years.  He is the lord of sagittarius and pisces.  Those who are desirous of fame, acquisition of land, reknown and excellence of word, should worship Dakshinamurthy or Guru.  Donate a yellow cloth, wear Gold or the gem stone Pushparagam, fast on Thursdays and recite Dakshinamurthi Stotram.
Guru, when pleased, blesses one with wisdom, marriage, fruits, happiness, high-post, sons, riches, honours and a life which lacks nothing.  Guru averts all doshas due to Grahas.

The Shrine of Guru, Thiruvalangudi

Location :  Thiruvalangadu is 6 km away from Nidamangalam.  It is on the route from Kumbakonam to Mannargudi.

Temple :  The temple Thiruvalangudi is an ancient one fortified with moats on all the four sides of high walls.

Reigning Dieties : Aabath Sagayar, Kasi Aranyesurar, Yelavarkuzhuli and Umaiammai.

Names : The shrine was called Kasi Aranyam in ancient times.  It is also found mentioned as Thiru lrumpoolai.  Since 'Poolai'  is the holy tree of the shrine.  This is praised Grumpoolai.  The lord Siva drank the poison that issued from the ocean of milk.  In memory of which the name Alagudi is given to this shrine of Lord Siva.

Uniqueness of Alangudi

It is believed that the worship of Lord Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays of every week gives all wealth to the devotee.  This shrine is worshipped as the shrine of Guru.  The shrine is worshipped as the shrine of Guru.  The Vinayagar of this temple is called 'Kalangamal Katha Vinayagar'.

Holy waters :  Brahma Theertham, Amirtha Pushkarani, river Poolaivalai; the waters of the river are used to bath Lord Siva in the month as Aippasi.

Holy tree :  The dark colored Poolai.

The temple of Thiruvalangur

The entrance temple is marked with the words 'Alangudi Abath Sahayesar Thirukkoil' which means 'the temple of the Lord of Alangudi who is the saviour in times danger'. The tower faces south.  It is a magnificent structure of five tiers.  At the point of entry past the tower is 'Kalankamal Katha Vinayagar and Yelavar Kuzhali Ambal'. The sanctum of the Lord is to the left.  He is guarded by the Nandhi and Dwarabalagar. In the sanctum one is struck with the divine grandeur of the Linga who is aptly worshipped as Abath Sahayar.

To the south is the sanctum of Suriyan. Southward is the Sundaramoorthy Swamigal.  In the southern perambulatory square are the four poet saints of Saivism, Suryesar, Somesar, Grumosekarar, Somanathar, Sabtharishinathar, Vishnunathar, Birmesar with Kasi Vishwanathar and Mother Visalakshi.  Sage Agasthiar is also worshipped in the shrine.  Dakshinamorthy is at the southern corner.  It is to this sanctum that people during the transmit of Guru throng for propitiation.

Brahaspathi is the Guru of the Devas; whereas in the other temples, the graha is worshipped in this particular shrine, Lord Siva, who is the absolute principle, is himself prayed to as Guru.  Need one say any thing about the efficacy of the prayers offered at Thiruvalangudi.

There are also sanctums for Lingorpavar, Lord Muruga with Valli and Deivanai.  Mother  Lakshmi, Kalyanasastha, Seven virgins of immaculate charity, Sabapathi with Sivakami and Manickavasagar.

In a  separate sanctum Dhakshinamoorthy is closeted with the four ancient sages to whom he gave the silent initiation of truth.

It is an unique feature of this temple that during the transit of Guru, Dakshinamoorthy is taken round the temple and a festival is organized for prayers to Guru Dakshinamoorthy.

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