Chandran Temple (Moon)

Chandran is the most auspicious of the Navagrahas.  Our sacred texts narrate that Chandran was born with the elixir when the Devas churned the ocean of milk, that he had his manifestation from the heart of Lord Vishnu; that he allocates the fruits of enjoyment according to Karma.  Chandran, when propitiated makes one famous; gives sight to those threatened with blindness.


Born on the waves of Milk with the elixir,
crescents grown to full Moon,
Perched atop the matted locks of my lord,
Who half his frame gave to my mother that feeds the Gods,
My cooling lord, I praise thee, I praise thee.
For you come to the Meru mount

The Shrine of Chandra, Thingalur

Structure of the temple: The temple is at the eastern end of the village Thingalur.  It is a temple fo Lord Siva.  Against the temple is a pond called Chandra Theertham.  The sanctum looks to the east.  Holy mother faces south.  There are two blunt towers at the east and south entrances of the temple.
The name of the temple: Kailayanathar  Thirukkoil.

Reigning Deity: Kailayanathar in the form of Linga. Divine mother is Periyar Nayagi Amman.

Holy Waters : Chandra Theerham and River Cauvery.

Holy Trees : Plantain tree and vilwa tree.

Devotees who have prayed here:  Celestials like Chandran and Suriyan.  Sage Gauthama, Appoothaiadigal, Sekkizhar.

Saints who have sung hymns : Thirunavukkarasar, Sekkizhar.

Gem Stone: Pearl.

Uniqueness of Thingalur:  It was at Thingalur that Thirunavukkarasar sang the hymn of Lord Siva that begins 'Ondru Kolam' which saved a child bitten by snake.  Even to this day there has not been any death caused by a snake bite.  He who takes bath at Thingalur and offers prayers is cured of Insanity, leprosy and several diseases.  On the star with Uthiram in the month of Panguni, the rays of the Sun and Moon fall upon the Linga.  Pooja is offered only once a day.
The History of Thingalar: Entrance into the temple is through the Southern gate of the Kailasanthan temple situated at the eastern end of tiny hamlet at Thingalur.  We are blessed with the vision of Holy Mother Periya Nayaki Amman whose 'gracious demeanour drives away all grief and sorrow that lie' in our heart.

In the frontal hall, Appoothiadigal, his wife, the elder Thirunavukkarasu and the younger stand with children facing saint Appar who looks to the west.  There is also a sanctum for Lord Dakshinamoorthy who sits in the yogic posture or padmasana.  A separate canopy covers this lord of wisdom.  South west of the hall is Ganapathy and Lord Muruga with his consorts VAlli and Deivanai in the middle.  In the north west corner of the hall in the shrine for Gajalakshmi, Mother Durga, Sandesar and the holy Vilwa tree are at the Northern part. Adjoining with the eastern walls, the Navagrahas are worshipped in a canopy recently constructed.

Here is a single sanctum of Chandra, over which a handsome canopy has been built.  there is also a large hall where devotees who visit the temple for propitiating Chandra can sit and have darshan of this celestial divinity.

An open courtyard and the pond Chandra theertham, are against the eastern entrance of the temple.

To the left of the sanctum of lord Kailasanathar is the sanctum of Suriyan and the kitchen where the Lord's food is made.  In the sanctum is the glorious linga of Kailasanatha, whose grace manifested in the lives of the Saints Appar and Appoothiadigal.  The smiling conuntenance of his consort, Divine mother Periyanayaki Amman, is a sight which can inspire tears of bliss in the heart of humble devotee.

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