Chevai Temple

Our puranas state that when Lord Siva ad mother Uma had parted and were living separate, Chevvai was orn from the sweat that fell upon the ground from mother Uma's forehead.  There is also a different version in which Chevvai is the son of sage Bharathwaja and was brought up by mother Earth.  In Macha purana, it is told that Veerabadra who was created from the third eye of Lord Siva, destroyed the yaga of Daksha.  The Devas were terrified of the havoc wrought by Veerabadra who grew conscious of this fear, transformed himself into Chevvai.


Lord of Speech, bravery and courage in the court,
Lord f Health, skills and valour in the battle,
Lord of Strength, bestower of victory
Son of Kusa, I praise thy holy feet.

Chevvai rides upon the Annam bird.  He is of reddish form.  His seat in triangular.  His flag has a goat as the emblem. His golden chariot is pulled by eight horses.  Chevvai is of great austerity.

His body is the flame of yoga, he is skilled in all the subtler arts.  Chevvai is to the south of Suriyan.  His demeanour is smiling and pleasant; he has four arms, three of which have weapons of war and one shows a posture of harborage.  It is also told that Chevvai and Lord Muruga are not different.  His other names are: Angaraha, Kuja, Bowman and Bhumiputhran.

The propitiation of Chevvai Dasa

Chevvai is the Lord of Aries and Scorpio, the period of his influence is seven years.  He is propitiated for the troubles associated with one's siblings for the repayment of loans associated with house and land, for the cure of the rheumatism and arthritis, for the removal of hurdles which obstruct marriage, for the healing up wounds, injuries, tumours and fractures.  Chevvai is propitiated by prayers to Lord Murugan by wearing red dress and the Gem stone Pavazha, fasting on Tuesdays. Chevvai grants land, valour, strength and happiness to his devotee. He also makes a man large-hearted, courageous, unswerving in his purpose.

The Shrine of Chevvai, Vaidheeswaran Koil

Location : About 6 km South of Sirkazhi, on the way to Mayiladuthurai.

Temple :  Vaideeshwaran temple is at the centre of the town.  Its walls are high and strong.  The temple is guarded by Bhairava on the East, Veerabhadran on the west, Karpaga Vinayagar on the South and Mother Kali on the worth.  The sanctum faces sest.  Puranas mntion the temple by the name 'Pullirukkuvelur'. This name signifies the fact that Sadaya, Vedas, Lord Muruga and Suriyan worshipped Lord Siva at the temple.

Reigning deity : Lord Vaidhiyanathar with Thaiyal Nayagi.

Unique feature :  Lord Muruga as Muthukumarasamy was favelin at this shrine with which he cleared the heart of Surapadam in battle.

Holy Tree: Vembu or Neem tree.

Theertham : Chithamirtha theerdham.

Devotees : Kamadhenu, Sadaya and Chevvai.

Poet Saints :  Sambanthar, Thirunavukkarasar, Arunakiriyar, Kumara Kurubarar, Padikkasu Thambiran, Chidambara Munivar, Kalameghapulavar.

The Greatness of the Shrine :  This temple is known for the sanctum of Chevvai.  It has three great deities Lord Muruga as Muthukumarasamy, Vaidyanathar and mother Thayyalnayagi.  Siva is worshipped only after the midnight pujas are offered to Muthukumarasamy.  There is a saying in Tamil which goes "The most beautiful of the lamps is the lamp lighted to the one who makes an end to causes (Lord Vaidhyanathar)".  Prayers offered towards this temple are very efficacious and fructify immediately.

The temple of Pullirikkuvelur

The temple of Pullirikkuvellur popularly known as Vaidhiswarar temple is a magnificent structure which these days has many stores of coconut and flowers, lining up the way of approach, salt, jaggery and salt are dissolved in the water of the temple for the dissolution of tumours and mustard and pepper are given to the temple so that warts, lumps and other abnormal growth on the skin are removed.

One enters this temple through a seven tiered tower, then one goes into Thirumadapathi Mandapam and the Sabamandapam in which there is a magnificent sculpture of an elephant.  There are sanctums for Lord Vinayaga and Muruga.  Every year in the month of Karthika, Lord Muruga is bathed with the paste of Sandal wood.  Lord Muruga himself being a most beautiful form, need one describe the perfect splendor of the sight of the lord applied with sandalwood paste! One enters through the eastern towers and comes to the Sanctum of Chevvai.  Against the large tank called as Chitramirtha theertham is the sanctum of mother Thaiyalnayaki.  Lord Siva as Vaidyanathan in a separate sanctum is by the side of the Holy mother Periyanayaki.

Next to the sanctum of Muthu Kumarasamy is the shrine of Gaja Lakshmi.  In the Nataraja Saba there are the idols of his consort-morther Sivakami, Manikavasakar and Karaikkal Ammayar. After these, the sculptures of the four vedas, Amaravathy, Kailasanathar, Meenakshi Sundareswar, Viswanathar have been established.  There is also a sanctum for mother Durga.  A well from which holy waters flow is also in the temple.  The Navagrahas unlike in other temples, are in a row.  Near Bairavan are Ramar, Sadayu, Murugar, Suriyan and Chevvai.  Of the 18 holy siddhas 'Dhanvantari' belongs to this temple.  There is also the ashes of Sadayu, for whom Ramar fulfilled the last rites.  Sattanathar is to be found in a canopy.  The sixty three saints who served lord Siva are also worshipped in this temple.  There is a separate idol of Chevvai.  To propitiate Chevvai for their doshas  puja is done here.  On the evenings of each Tuesday, Chevvai comes round the temple, seated u on the goat.

Next to the sanctum of Somasundarar is the sanctum of Divine mother.  The mother looks very compassionate.  Her glance is enough to cure on of any ill from which one suffers.  Prasad is being given here which were brought home one worshipped as an effective cure of all diseases.  One should ideally visit this temple at least once a year to bath in the Chitramirtha theertham and worship the lord.  A healthy life is assured for such a devotee.


Sirukudi is a holy village reached by walking about 3km from Kadakamhadi in the Nachiar Koil route.  The reigning deities are Mangalanayakar and Mangalanayaki.  Even those of Islamic faith visit this temple for cure of diseases.

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