Deoghar Information

Deoghar or the ‘Abode of Gods’ is one of the most important Hindu pilgrim centres of the country and a fine health resort of Jharkhand.

Baidyanath Temple or Baijnath Dham

The ancient temple of Lord baijnath (Shiva) enshrines one of the twelve Jyotirlingams, which is also the only kamanalingam – a lingam that has the power of fulfilling all the wishes fo the devotees.  A large number of pilgrims visit the temple, especially during the month of ‘Shravan’ (July – August). Devotees offer meetha dahi (sweet curd) to the presiding deity.
Other important shrines at Deoghar complex are of Ma sandhya, Mansa, Ma Bagla and Ma Kamakhya.  Nearby is the Siva Ganga or Manasarovar water tank. Other attractions are, Naulakha Temple, Ramkrishna Mission School, Bawanbigha rose garden, Jugal Mandir, Lila Mandir and Kundeshwari temple.  There are also many attractive spots ideal for picnics and excursions around Deoghar.