About Silchar Tourist Place List Or Places to Visit in Silchar

About Silchar is a Bangalee inhabited area.  To the east of the town, the river, Barak flows on and on.  The first rays of sun rising from behind the hill transform the color of the river water every moment.

Silchar City

Silchar City is located at 24.82° N and 92.8° E.  It has an average elevation of 22m (72ft).


At Silchar, the wind generally blows from the northeast in the morning and from the southeast in the afternoon.  By the end of February, stormy weather sets in and in March, there are often thunderstorms causing the water level to rise in the river, Barak.


In the 1850, British tea planters discovered the game polo in Manipur on the Burmese border with India.  The first polo club in the world was formed at Silchar.

The Assam Bengal Railway brought Silchar into the Indian Railway map in 1899.  The railway line from Lunding to Silchar is hailed as one of the most exciting pristine railway tracks of India.  It was built by the Britishers during the colonial rule.

Silchar Tourist Place List


The visitors rush to this place even today to see the ruins of the capital of Kachar kings of 1690.  Although the main building has been demolished, the lion-gate (Singhadwar), the sun-gate (Sunyadwar) and the temples exist even today.  Each gateway is constructed in the style of an elephant.

Bhubaneswar temple

The energetic visitors can make a trip to Bhubaneswar temple at Bhuban hill, 50km from Silchar. Hara-parbati are the twin deities here.  One has to travel in bus from Silchar to Bhu-bannagar, a distance of 37km and then to cover the remaining hilly passage on foot.  From the temple, another 5 km journey to the north will lead one to Maniharan tunnel, which, according to tradition, was used by Srikrishna.  The holy river, Tribeni flows by the side of this tunnel.  There are several temples where Rama, Lakshmana, Garuda and Hanumana are worshipped.  Festivals are arranged on he occasions of Dolpurnima, Baruni and Shivaratri.

Sri Sri Kanchakanti Devi's Temple

One can have a trip to Sri ri Kanchakanti Devi's temple at Uddharband which is 17km from Silchar on way to the airport.  It is alive femae deity of Durga and Kali combine together.  The king being instructed in dream set up a golden image of the goddess with four hands in 1806.  Many hearsays are there centring around this goddess.  The custom of sacrificing men in this temple on the occasion of Mahalaya was prevalent till 1818.  The old temple of the goddess does not exist today and a new has been built up.

Silchar City Distance Guide

Silchar to Atartala 294 Km
Silchar to Aizawl 176 Km
Silchar to Dhubri 663 Km
Silchar to Dibrugarh 788 Km
Silchar to Dispur 347 Km
Silchar to Impal 127 Km
Silchar to Jorhat 415 Km
Silchar to Kohima 250 Km
Silchar to North Lakhimpur 480 Km
Silchar to Nowgong 267 Km
Silchar to Shillong 294 Km
Silchar to Tezpur 315 Km
Silchar to Tezu 749 Km
Silchar to Tura 541 Km