Mahadeva Temple in Mammiyur Temple

Mammiyur is 1km from Guruvayur is the ancient Sri Mahadeva temple in Mammiyur.  The temple appears to have been renovated recently, and almost gives the impression of a newly-built shrine.

It is said that Udhava handed over to Guru and Vayu the Maha Vishnu idol in the Dwaraka temple, salvaged before the terrible deluge that devastated the city.  Guru and Vayu then went in search of an ideal place to install it.  They were helped in this task by Sri Parasurama, who led them to a lush green place with a vast lotus tank, were they could feel the presence of Lord Shiva. Shiva and Parvati welcomed them in the plae, which is no known as Guruvayur, telling them that it was here that He had imparted the Rudrageetham (Verses in praise of Sri Vishnu) to the Prechethas.  The idol was then installed in Guruvayur, while Shiva and Parvati stationed themselves on the opposite bank at Mammiyur.  It is said that it was Shiva who named this place Guruvayur, as Guru and Vayu had undertaken the installation and consecration of the Vishnu idol.

Exquisite wall paintings and sculptures adorn the walls of this shrine.  A visit to Guruvayoor is said to be incomplete without a visit to Mammiyur.

How to get there:

Mammiyur is at a walk able distance fro, Guruvayur. 

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