Junagadh Information

This ancient fortified city at the foothills of the sacred Girnar hills is resplendent with mythological legends.  Its antiquity dates back to pre-Harappan times and was ruled by Mauryas, Kshatrapas, Guptas, Vallabhis, Chudasamas, Gujarat Sultans and Babi Nawabs.

Uparkot or Upper Fort

This stronghold of Mauryas and Guptas has survived about 16 sieges in last 1000 years.  The fort wall around the town and the fort made Uparkot virtually inaccessible.


The mausoleums of the Nawabs of Junagadh are a fine representation of Nawabi architecture.

Junagadh Tourism Information

Ashoka’s Rock Edict

A huge boulder inscribed with 14 edicts of emperor Ashoka (257-56 BC) lie on the way to Girnar from Uparkot.

Girnar Hill (7km)

The sacred hill is an important pilgrim centre for Hindus, jains and Muslims.  The first set of Jain temples are at a height of 610m and the main temple is dedicated to Lord Neminath.  The shrines of Ambaji, Goraknath and Guru Dattatraya are further up on the sacred mount.  A shrine of Shiva and a Dargah are perched atop the hill.  Millions of pilgrims participate in the fair of Bhavnath mahadev temple.

Junagadh Tour Information

Sasan Gir sanctuary (54km)

Sasan Gir is the famous home of the Lion, the majestic king of the Jungles.  It is the only place where the Asiatic lion can be seen in his natural habitat.  Other animals inhabiting the Gir forest are – panther, bear, antelope, fox, black buck etc. A rich variety of birdlife can also be seen here.

Junagadh Distance Guide

Junagadh Bhavnagar 197 Km
Junagadh Bharuch 520 Km
Junagadh Bhuj 345 Km
Junagadh Dwarka 266 Km
Junagadh Gandhi Nagar 362 Km
Junagadh Jamnagar 193 Km
Junagadh Ahmadabad 330 Km
Junagadh Kandla 219 Km
Junagadh Palitana 241 Km
Junagadh Porbandar 135 Km
Junagadh Rajkot 88 Km
Junagadh Sasangir 237 Km
Junagadh Somnath 253 Km
Junagadh Surat 586 Km
Junagadh Vadodara 432 Km
Junagadh Veraval 253 Km