Jhansi Information

Jhansi, the gateway to Bundelkhand was once a stronghold of the Chandela kings.  It came into prominence in 17thcentury, when Bundela ruler Bir Singh Ju Deo built the first fort in Jhansi.  Today, the town is well known for its fiery queen Rani Laxmibai, who fought valiantly against the British in 1857, during the first war of Indian independence and laid down her life.  The annual Jhansi festival (February to March) provides an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Jhansi Fort

The historic fort atop a prominence moated by river Betwa was built by Raja Bir Singh.  It was bequeathed to the Marathas in 1731, by the Bundela king Chhatrasal.  The fort reverberates with myths and legends, especially related to the heroics of Rani Laxmi Bai.  Within the embattled walls of the fort is a small shrine of Lord Ganapati, where the marriage of Laxmi Bai and Gangadhar Rao was solemnized.  Nearby is a pavilion which once had an in-built shower system that drenched the king and his nobles with cool water, while they enjoyed the performance of court dancers.  Relics of the house of the chief dancer, Gajra Bai is located near the pavilion.

Rani Mahal

The double storeyed palace is now used to store the sculptures excavated by Archaeological Survey of India.  The fine murals on the first floor of palace are still in good condition.  Nearby is the cenotaph of Gangadhar Rao.

Jhansi Museum

The museum is noted for its invaluable sculptures, depicting the meaning and evolution of the finer painting from the wall of village huts is noteworthy.

Special events

Kajli Teej, Sawan, Bhaiya-Dooj, Jal-vihar (Ranipur), Nav Durga, Shivratri (Jhansi Fort) and the Jhansi Mahotsava (February to March).

Jhansi Distance Guide

Jhansi to Aligarh 302 Km
Jhansi to Allahabad 375 Km
Jhansi to Almora 780 Km
Jhansi to Badrinath 868 Km
Jhansi to Banda 206 Km
Jhansi to Bareilly 435 Km
Jhansi to Budaun 387 Km
Jhansi to Dehradun 604 Km
Jhansi to Etawah 212 Km
Jhansi to Faizabad 426 Km
Jhansi to Fatehgarh 365 Km
Jhansi to Ghazipur 554 Km
Jhansi to Gonda 403 Km
Jhansi to Gorakhpur 554 Km
Jhansi to Haridwar 669 Km
Jhansi to Agra 220 Km
Jhansi to Kanpur 222 Km
Jhansi to Lakhimpur 432 Km
Jhansi to Lucknow 301 Km
Jhansi to Mathura 274 Km
Jhansi to Meerut 434 Km
Jhansi to Moradabad 511 Km
Jhansi to Nainital 616 Km
Jhansi to Pithoragarh 644 Km
Jhansi to Rampur 501 Km
Jhansi to Saharanpur 557 Km
Jhansi to Shahjahanpur 479 Km
Jhansi to Uttar Kashi 843 Km
Jhansi to Varanasi 497 Km