Andaman Beaches

Aam Kunj beach

Aam Kunj beach is a long beach in Rangat (Middle Andaman) with very high and strong waves.  The Auto or jeep facilities are also available.   Aam Kunj beach is the long beach found in Rangat. It is a prime place for potential holiday resort development because of its commercial viability, it attract industrialists.  This beach is enjoying by the foreign tourists.  We can reach this place by auto or jeep from Rangat. This is a commercial hope for Middle Andaman.  The beach has very high and strong waves.


Collinpur is about 36km from Port Blair.  It is situated near Tirur.  Has a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water.  Collinpur is suitable for swimming, sun basking and viewing sunset.

Corbyn’s cove

Corbyns is cove is about 7km away from Port Blair town.  It is one of the most picturesque sea beaches.  This place is ideal for sea bathing and sun basking.  Snake island nearby is famous for scuba diving.  The wave’s restaurant, the peerless Resort nearby and the Hornbill Nest Guest House at stone’s throw provide a kaleidoscopic view of the blue water front.  Here lies the famous historical remains of Japanese Bunkers. This is a natural and picturesque coastline next to Port Blair.  This beach is surrounded by coconut palms.  Sea swimming sun bathing combing riding are all favorite sports.  There are facilities for cloth changing after swimming there is a restaurant here which provides drinks and snacks.  There is also a star hotel facing the coastline for those who can afford it.

Harminder Bay Beach

Harminder Bay beach is situated at Hut Bay Island at a distance of 100km form Port Blair.  Connected by inter Islands shipping services.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is about 50km by sea from Port Blair travel via Neil Island, 62km. Provides idyllic resort in the lap of virgin beach and unpolluted environment.  Camping facility is available near Radhanagar beach.  A guest house of Tourism Department “Dolphin Resort” is available for the tourists.  Snorkelling and scuba diving facilities provided seasonally.  Daily boat services from Port Blair.

Jolly Buoy

Jolly Buoy is Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It offers a breath taking underwater view of coral and marine life.  It is an ideal place for Snorkelling Sea bathing and basking on the beach.

Karmatang Beach

Karmtang beach is developed as tourist complex. It is situated at Mayabunder, northern part of Middle Andaman, 240km by road and 136km by boat from Port Blair. Mayabunder is about 10km from this beach.  It has beautiful coastlines with white waves.  This log coastline is a great delight for walkers.  Ferocious waves created in here.  Common sports are sea bathing, sun bathing surfing.  “Yatrix Nivas” is few kilometer away from this beach.  It is a government tourist home.  This is an ideal tourist spot also.


Katchal is about 425 km by sea from Port Blair.  It is a tiny island in the Nicobar group. It was this island, which heralded the new millennium with the first sunrise on 1st January 2000. It is beautiful beaches at East Bay, Jhula and West Bay.

Kurmadera Beach Island

Kurmadera Beach Island is situated near Tirur in western side of the south Andamans).  This is a crescent shaped white sandy beach.  This is shallow waters here, suitable for swimming, sun basking and coral viewing.  It is advisable to keep packed food and drinking water while visiting here.


Madhuban is about 75km by road 20km by ferry and road from Port Blair.  This place is a trekking area on north eastern side of Mount Harriet.   Exotic beach, are elephant lumbering are the most interesting part of the trek.


Mayabunder is about 242km by road 157km by sea from Port Blair.  It is situated in the northern part of middle Andaman.  Scenic beauty and beautiful beaches.  Inhabited by the settlers from Burma, Bangladesh and exconvicts descendants.  Has a distinct culture.  Beach at Avis Island (30 minutes boat journey from Mayabunder), karmatang beach (13km) and mangrove lined creeks are the attractions.  Karmatang beach is also a turtle nesting ground. One can view nesting of turtles during December to February season.  Swiftest Nest guest house of the Directorate of Tourism is very near to the karmatang beach.  Facility for travel to kalighat (for Diglipur) by boat from here.

Radhanagar and Vijayanagar Beaches

Radhanagar and Vijayanagar Beaches is in Havelock.  It is real exposures of unpolluted nature.  Vijayanagar beach is just in front of Dolphin Yatri Niwas and Radhanagar beach is 7km away from Dolphin Yatri Niwas.

Ramnagar Beach

A sandy beach situated at Diglipur Island.  It is onnected by two daily boat services from Mayabunder and from Port Blair twice a week. This is the natural beach of Havelock Island.  A dense forest in the vicinity of the coastline camping facilities is also available.  We can witness elephants bathing in the sea and drinking cool drinks people who love nature would revive here.  A holiday resort based on a village theme is situated near the beach.

Rangat Curbert Bay

This bay is about 170km from Port Blair.  We need to use both the roadways as well as boat to reach here.  This is a scenic village surrounded by mountains.  This place is the second densely populated place next to Port Blair.  It is a peaceful and serene tourist spot “Turtle Walk” is popular here because the turtle lay eggs on these coastlines.  Private resorts as well as government tourist homes are found here.