Uppiliappan Temple

Uppiliappan Temple is about 6km from Kumbakonam, a sacred Vaishnavite  temple exists known as Uppiliappan or oppiliappan Temple exists known as Uppiliappan or Oppiliappan temple.  The deity is known by various names as Uppiliappan, Opiliappan, Srinivasan, Venkatachala-pathy, Tiruvinnagarappan etc. The Goddess is known as Bhoomi Devi.  The Lord is in the standing pose facing east, Goddess Bhoomi Devi sitting facing north, and Markandeya is installed as if performing the rites of marriage of his daughter. Poigai Alwar, Pey Alwar, Tiruman gai Alwar and Nammalwar have sung in praise of this deity.  As Namalwar Yisualised the God of this temple in five different poses, he began to call the deity accordingly as Ponnappan, Maniappan, Muthappan, Ennappan and Tiruvinnagarappan. Here all food offerings at the temple are strictly and completely salt less.  Salt or any food items containing salt is not allowed in the temple beyond Garuda’s sannidi.  The Utsava deity Oppliappan is never taken out of the temple, without his consort, Bhoomidevi.


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