Tiruvellarai Sri Pundarikasha Perumal Temple

This beautiful temple is located at a distance of 27km from trichy and 13km from Srirangam enroute to Thuraiyur.  It also goes by the name Swetagiri.  This temple predates the srirangam temple and hence the name Aadi Vellarai.  No boarding and lording facility.
Vellarai means white rock.  Since, this sthalam is situated 100 feet high in the top of the small mountain, which is white in colour, so this sthalam is called “Thiru Vellarai”.  This is a vast temple, with imposing walls, there are as many as 7 theerthams within the temple complex.
There are two entrances to go the main shrine, the 2 entrance are named as “Utharayana Vaasal” and “Dhakshanayana Vaasal”.  From Jan 15 to June 15 is through Utharayana Vaasal and from then to next six month, is through Dhakshanaya Vaasal.  When one entrances is opened the other one is closed.
Sri Pundareekaksha Perumal, in a standing posture faces East.  Shenpakavalli, and Pankayachelvi are the names of his consort.  Images of Sri Devi, Bhu Devi, Surya, Chandra and Aadiseshan are seen in the sanctum.  Garudan, Markandeya, Lakshmi and Sibi chakravarti offered worship here.
Periyalwar and Thirmangai Alwar sung in the praise of this shrine.  Ramanujar is said to have lived here and Manavalamaamuni and Desikacharyar have also sung of this shrine.

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