Tiruppattur Sri Brahmapuriswarar Temple

Thiruppattur is a small village, is about 30km form Trichy, about 10km from Samyapuram, and 5km from Siruganur via to Chennai.
Sri Brahmapuriswarar temple is a big one of the Middle Chola period.  Since this is also a temple for Brahma, the sanctum sanctorum houses Brahmapureeswarar in the form of Swayambu lingam and the shrine of Lord Brahmma is a separate one in the inner praharam by the side of the sanctum sanctorum.  The Brahma shrine is in open such that one can have a very close dharshan of the deity.  The four headed deity is present alone in meditative pose sitting in Padmasana on a lotus.  It is magnificent 6 feet high and 6.5 feet circumference and was decorated in turmeric kappu. To see the magnificent deity in full yellow in open so closely was really amazing and beautiful. The jeeva Samadhi of Saga Pathanjali is in theinner praharam just opposite the Brahma’s shrine.  There is also a Badhala lingam.

Sthala Purana

After losing his fifth head and all his powers, Brahma realized his mistake since his privileged duty of creation was affected and so worshipped Shiva at various places.  During the process, at thisplace, called Thirupidavur then, he worshipped Shiva with a lingam under a Magizha tree with water from the nearby tank, now called Brahma Theertham.  He also installed 12 lingams around in this place and worshipped Siva for a long time.  On being moved by this, Shiva gave dharshan under the Magizha tree itself and liberated him from his punishment so that he can start his privilege of creation again.  That’s why Shiva is called Brahmapureeswarar here.  Also mother Parasakthi gave back all his sheen and that’s why the ambal is called Brahma Sampath Gowri.  Also Shiva blessed Brahma with the power of changing the ill fate of anyone who worships Brahma here. The various lingams that Brahma worshipped are present in the nandavanam adjacent to the Ambal shrine.  In the same place, there is a beautiful temple tank with steps on all 4 sides called Brahma Theertham which was used by Brahma for his Siva worship. It is generally believed that one’s fate cannot be changed by any means but it can happen here since the ill fate of Brahma, the creator, himself was changed to good by Shiva.  A turning point in one’s life can be expected by visiting this temple.


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