Thiruvannamalai Temples

The Arunachaleshwara temple of this place is one of the largest temples in South India.  It is situated at the foot of a hill.  It covers an area of 25 acres.  The Arunachaleshwara temple is dedicated to Tejo Lingam or Jyothi Lingam (the fire incarnation of God).  Hence much significance is attached to Thiruvannamalai as one of the Pancha Bhutha Sthalas.  The main gopuram is 200 feet and 13 storeys high.  The nine imposing gopurams of the temple are a magnificent sight.


Once Brahma and Vishnu misguidedly argued about which of them was greater, and went to Lord Shiva to settled their debate.  The latter appeared before them as a pillar of fire, and dedclared that whichever of them was able to fine either his beginning or end was greater  Vishnu wend downwards into the earth and Brahma flew upwards into space, but no matter how far they travelled they could not find the base or the crest of the Lingam of fire.  Both lost their arrogance and bowed before Lord Shiva.  The pillar of fire became the hill of Arunachala a natural Lingam.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram

The hill is considered as the symbol of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment.  The hermitage where the silent saint Sri Ramana Maharshi lived is half way up the hill.  He exerted great spiritual power on those who came in search of him. Thousands of followers visit the world famous Sri Ramana Ashram round the year to pursue profound themes of meditation. 


This Vishnu temple is situated 39km from Thiruvannamalai.  The main shrine is dedicated to Ulagalantha Perumal (Thiruvikrama Swami).  Lord Vishnu in a mammoth form of Thiruvikrama dominating the three worlds, subduing Mahabali, the demon king.  The stone image is 35 feet high *24feet wide.
This temple has tow prakarams and a three tired Rajagopuram.  The nagatheertham tank is located opposite to the temple.  There are also shrines to Andaal and manavaalamaamuni.


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