Thiruchirapalli Temples

Thiruchirapalli situated on the banks of the river Cauvery.  It was originally known as Tirusirappalli, named after the three headed Asura Tirusiras, who obtained a boon after worshipping Siva here.  It lies 320km to the south of Chennai.  It is the fourth largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Rock Fort Temples

The Rock Fort temple complex is a complex is a collection three temples.  The manikka Vinayaka temple at the foot of the hill, the Uchi Pillayar at the top of the hill and the Thayumanavar or Mathurubutheswarar (Siva Temple) on the hill.  Atop the rock is the Uchipillayar is dedicated to Lord Ganesh from one can enjoy a panoramic view of Thiruchi.

Sri Rangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple

Srirangam, surrounded by waters of the river Cauvery on one side and its tributary Kollidam on other side, is a 600 acre island town enclosed within the seven rampart walls of the gigantic Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.  It is considered the first and foremost and most important of the 108 Divyadesams.  There are 21 magnificent towers in parakaras providing a unique sight to any visitor.
Srirangam is called as “Boologa Vaikuntam”.  Even after many invasions by Moghal kings, this temple still stands without losing its beauty and fame.  Sri Ranganathar is the main God of this temple and Sri Ranganayaki is the Goddess
Around 1300 years ago, during the Bhakthi movement the Alwar saint poets of Tamilnadu sang verses in praise of Lord Vishnu.  108 of these shrines and mythological abodes are collectively known as the Divyadesams shrines in the Vaishnava tradition.  Except Mathurakavi Alwar, all the other eleven Alwars have done Mangalasasanam in Srirangam.


Sri Ranganthaswami was worshiped by Brahma.  He presented to Indra king of Devas and he presented to Surya.  And Surya Vamsa Ikshavaku kings (Ancestors of Rama) worhsiped Sri Ranganathaswami.  At the time of Rama’s Pattabhisheka, Vibhishana obtained the Ranga Vimana (a special chariot like conveyance carried by Veda Murtis with Vishnu inside) from Rama as a gift.  While carrying it to Srilanka Vibhishana halted at Srirangam.  Contrary to the injunction he had received.  Vibhishana placed it on the ground and it got rooted here.

Thiruvanaikkaval Sri Jambukeswarar Temple

It is situated 5 km from Tiruchi and 2km east of Srirangam.  This beautiful Shiva temple steals the show from the larger Renganathaswami temple because of its excellent architectural design.  Installed under an ancient Jambu tree, the lingam is partially submerged by water and meant to represent the God as Water.
Apas, the water element has great fluidity and is related to the story of Goddess Parvati creating a a lingam out of water (Appulingam) after she had been banished to earth by Lord Shiva for mocking his Yoga Sadhana.
Legend has it that two devotees of Shiva were born under the influence of a curse as a elephant and a spider.  The elephant worshipped Shiva with flowers and water brought in its trunk (hence the name Tiru Aanaikka).  The spider worshipped the Lingam by spinning a web on top, to protect it from falling leaves.  The elephants worship would destroy the spiders web, and the spiders web amounted to desecration in the trunk of the elephant leading to animosity between the two, of such proportion that a fight between them resulted in the death of both.

Temple Structure

The temple has five enclosures and the walls reach a height of 35 feet.  Numerous sculptures of rare beauty could not be found everywhere in the temple.  It has many mantapams, Unjal mantapam, Hundred Pillared mantapam, Thousand pillared mantapam, Vasantha mantapam Navaratri mantapam and Somaskandar mantapam.  The sanctum was built by Ko-Chengat-Cholan, while the walls of second Prakara was by Vijayalayam and the third Prakara was built by Vikarama Cholan.  The east tower in the fourth Prakara was erected by Sundara Pandian.

Samayapuram Sri mariamman Temple

Samyapuram Sri mariamman temple is 20km from Trichy.  Mariamman is a form of Shakti worshipped in Tamilnadu and is associated with prosperity and health.  When devotees are infected with chicken pox, they pray to this goddess for relief, who relief who immediately comes to rescue of the aching devotees.


Uraiyur was the ancient capital of the early Cholas and the ancient city is believed to have been destroyed by a sand storm.  Ko-Chengat-Cholan the builder of 78 Maadakkovils is said to have born here.  Just 2km from Rock fort, In Uraiyur there are three main temples, they are Sri Nachiyar temple (Divya Desam), Sri Panchavaraneswarar temple, Sri Vekkali Amman temple.

Other Shrines

Vayalur Sri Subramanyar temple , Sri Uthamar Temple, Gunaseelam Sri Prasanna Venkateswarar Temple, Thirupannilee Sri Neelivananathar Siva Temple, Theruvellarai Vishnu Temple Thiruppattur Sri Brahmapureeswarar Siva Temple.


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