Sri Uthamar Temple or Bhikshantar Temple

Sri Uthamar Temple is situated 8 km away from Trichy.  It is 3½km from Srirangamam.  Bus facility also available.   This is a unique temple in that it has shrines dedicated to Vishnu andhis consort Lakshmi, Brahma and Saraswati, Shiva and Parvati.

Sthala Purana

It is said that both Lord Siva and Lord Brahma had 5 heads.  But Lord Shiva was angry on Brahma Devan that he too had five heads.  Becaude of this anger, he plucked one of his head from his body and was caught by “Brahmagardhi Dhosham”. Because of this he lost of his wealth and started beg for food using the Kabaalam.  Because of this, Lord Shiva is called as “Bhikshantar”. He was given the Sabham that he can get rid of this sin only if the Kabaalam is completely filled up with food.  From then, Lord Shivan visited all the Divyadesams to get out of his sin.  At that time, he was offered food by Sri Mahalakshmi and the Kabaalam was filled completely with food and from then, he got out of his “Brahmagardhi Dhosham”. In this Sthalam, Sriman Narayanan, Lord Shiva and Brahma Devan who are collectively called as “Mummoorthigal” are found in separate sannadhis and giving their blessing to the world.


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