Sri Azhagiya manavala Perumal Temple

This temple is one of the 108 Diviyadesams. It is also the birthplace of Tiruppaanalwar.  Here Lord Vishnu dedicate as Azhagiya manavalar in a standing posture facing north, with his consort Kamalavalli in the same sanctum in a seated posture are the presiding deities here. Kamalavalli Nachiyaar, daughter of the Dharma Varma Chola King is said to have meditated upon Vishnu, and married him here after which the Chola King built this temple, with its door facing North towards Srirangam. The temple has a large mandapam with pillars ornamented with exquisite sculptures.  There are several mandapams in the temple prakaram, with shrines to the Alwars and the Acharyas.  There is a shrine to Tiruppaanalwar north of the temple tank.


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