Samyapuram Sri Mariamman Temple

Samayapuram Sri Mariamman temple is 20km from Trichy.  Mariamman is a form of Shakti worshipped in Tamil Nadu and is associated with prosperity and health.  When devotees are infected with chicken pox, they pray to this goddess for relief who relief who immediately comes to rescue of the aching devotees.
This temple has separate shrines for the processional image of Mariamman and the moolavar in the sanctum. There is also a shrine to Karuppannasaami a local deity.  The goddess is also called as :Kamanr Mari Amman”, because her consort is believed to have been brought from the village of Kamanur which is near Samayapuram.  The goddess is very powerful, and lamps are lit during specific times to appease and please her.  The powerful principal of Shakti is depicted in this goddess. Several worship services are offered throughout the day here.  Offerings of salt, jiggery, lentils, jewellery are made by devotees.  Annual festivals are celebrated during Thai Poosam and in the Tamil months of Pankuni and Chittirai.  The last Sunday of Pankuni marks the commencement of the festival, while the chariot festival is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of Chittirai and the float festival is celebrated a week later.


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