Mayiladuthurai Temples

Sri Mayuranathaswami Temple

This ancient Siva temple is in the heart of the town.  Several Shivastalams are located in the vicinity of Mayailaduthurai.  It is considered Tevara Stalams in the Chola Kingdom located south of the river Cauvery.  This temple has 5 prakarams, a 9 tiered (165 feet high) Raja Gopuram, pillared halls with interesting sculptural work as well as 14 vimanams with several stucco images.  Inscriptions from the Imperial Chola period are found here.  The temple is managed by the Tiruvavaduturai Adhinam. Legend says that Dakshayani (Parvati) took the form of a peacock after her father’s Daksha Yagnam, worshipped Shiva here.  Shiva is said to have taken a peacock form, performed the Gowri Tandavam and united with her here.  Mayuranathar is believed to have quelled the Kaveri floods tao make way for Sambandar and 4 of the Vallalar shrines in the vicinity are said to be manifestations of Mayuranathar.  Interestingly, the Tiruppariyalur Veerattam where the Dakshayagnam is believed to have been performed is located at a distance from 8 km from this temple.

Sri Parimala Ranganathar Temple

This is another temple in Mayiladuthurai.  This temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams.  This is considered to be one of the Pancharangams, the other four being Srirangapatnam near Mysore (Karnataka), Srirangam, Koyiladi (Anbil, Trichy)and Kumbhakona,.  This temple with tree prakarams has a 5 tiered rajagopuram and it faces east.  The Dwajastampa mandapam and the Garuda mandapam have beautifully sculptured pillars.  The Garuda mandapam bears images of the 10 Avatarams. The Moolavar Sri Parimala Ranganathar also known as an imposing 12 feet long image made of green stone, and Sugandhavana Nathan, in a reclining posture facing east.  Taayaar here is Perimala Ranganayaki.  Images of kaveri and Ganga are seen seated in the sanctum, as is an image of Santana Gopalakrishnan. Brahma is seen depicted on the wall.


This ancient Siva temple is on the east coast of |Tamil Nadu.  This is one of the holy places of Saivaism today. The prime deity worshipped in this holy place is Lord Siva.  The Amritaghateswarar and Abirami Temple in this hamlet of Thirukkadaiyur are associated with the mythical stories of Markandeya and Abirami Battar.  This holy place is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva rescued and saved the mrkendeya, the son of an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, from the Yama (the God of death).  Local devotees believe that markandeya worshipped Amritaghateswarar a form of Lord Shiva, in Thirukkadaiyur. This temple town witnesses steady huge flow of witnesses coming to offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Abhirami.  It is a grand temple with 5 Prakarams, imposing towers and ornate mandapams covering an area of 11 acres.  There are three temple tanks which are known to be very holy water tanks.  ‘Amrita Pushkarini’, ‘Kaala Theertham’ and ‘Maarkandeya Theertham’.

Mayiladuthurai Tour

Vazhur Siva Temple 8km, Koothanur Saraswathi Temple 2km, Thiruvavaduthurai Siva Temple 16km, Chayavanam Siva Temple2km from Poompuhar, Thirumullaivasal 13km from Sirkazhi) Kuthalam Siva temple (10km), Thirumanacheri (5km from Kuthalam) Chempanaar Kovil Siva Temple 12km.


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