Mahamaham Temple

This famous Mahamaham Tank of Kumbakonam is located near the Head Post Office.  This tank covers an area of 602 acres and is in a shape of a pot.  The tank is surrounded by 16 small mandapams and a “Nava Kannika Temple” in the Eastern Side.  Govinda Theekshitan, the Chietain, of Achutha Nayaka of Thanjavur, constructed sixteen mandapams and stone steps around this tank.  Brahmatheerthesar, Mukunthar, Thalesar, Rishakesar, Umaipakesar, Nairuthesar, Brahmeesar, Gangatheerthesar and Seshtra Paleesar, are the names of deities located in these mandapams.

Brahmatheerthesar temple is located at the North-western portion of this tank.   This temple is also known as “Thula Mandapam” where a big physical balance is provided for making contribution to the temple.  It is also believed  that this tank consist of 19Holy Theerthams around the tank periphery and another theertham at the centre.  Vayu, Ganga, brahma, Yamuna, Kubera, Gothavarai, Esaniam, narmadha, Indra, Saraswathi, Akni, Cauvery, Nagam, Niruthi, Palaru, Thevan, Varunan, Saratu and Kannia are names of the Theerthams believed to be located inside this tank.  Apart from the above said Mandapams, around the tank area,  a temple known as Abimukeshar Kovil occupies the eastern portion of the tank Kasi Vishwanathar Kovil situated on the northern bank of Mahamaham Tank and the temple and the big Gopuram in the front were constructed during the period of Nayaka rule.
During this festival it is believed that in Mahamaham tank the famous rivers like the Ganga, the Yamuna, etc.  Meet together and taking bath in Mahamaham, would wash off all the sins.  During the last Mahamaham festival, 40 lakhs people gathered in this town.  It is expected that about 50 lakhs of people will gather in this town for the Mahamaham to be celebrated in March 2004.


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