Karaikudi Temples

This small town is known for its magnificent mansions constructed by the Chettairs.  Around karaikudi there are many temples are worth to see.


Kunrakkudi is noted for its beautiful hill temple dedicated to Shanmuganathar.  The name Kunrakudi is derived from the sacred Kunru(hill) housing the temple.  Tunrakkudi is also known as mayuragir.  The presiding deity is the six faced Shanmugar mounted on yhis peacock flanked by Valli and Deivayanai. The sanctum faces the east.  There is a cave temple dedicated to Shiva with a 5 tiered gopuram at the foot of the hill.  This cave temple is of great archaeological significance.  There are three caves here, dating back to the 8th century.


This pillayarpatti small village derives its name from the image of Lord Ganesh known us Karpaga Vinayagar.  The Lord Vinayaka carved on the wall of an ancient rock at Temple.  It is one of the oldest Cave Temples (Rock cut) temples of Tamilnadu.
Sri Karpaka Vinayakar is the presiding deity here, and he is portrayed with two arms and a trunk curled towards his right in the valampur mode.  This 6 feet tall mammoth image of Ganehsa is a bas relief in an excavated cave, off of a hill in the precincts of the temple.


The Tiruthalinathar temple is a grand Sivastalam in this town this shrine is regarded as the 6th of the Tevara Stalams in the Pandya region of Tamilnadu.  This 15acre temple has 4prakarams and a beautiful vimanam with several stucco images.  Stone images of Nataraja and Sivakami are seen in the temple.  The Yoga Bhairavar shrine (facing West) is of significance here.


This beautirul Vishnu temple is one of the 108 diviya desam.  This is also the birthplace of Nambi Andar, Guru of Sri Ramanuja.  In this Vishnu temple the Lord is worshipped in four different postures in a four-tier structure.
Legend says that Siva, Brahma, Devas and Saints were unable to tolerate the misrule of Hiranyakaspu, so they approach Lord Vishnu at Parkkadal.  They decide to meet at Kadambamuni Ashram.  They came in groups, thus this place is called Thirukoshtiyur.


Thirumayam is an ancient place is situated 21km from Thiruppathur.  Here Siva and Vishnu temple covered by a single compound wall.  The temples are built with a single rock.  Girvalam (going around the hill) can be done only by covering both the temples.  The Vishnu temple is one of the 108 diviya desam.  The main shrine is also Kudavarikoil carving the hill.  Sathya Maharshi performed penance here. The temple was built 1300 years ago by Mahendra Pallavan.

Other Shrines

Piranmalai is about32km from Thirupathur. Avudayarkovil is about 48km from Pudukkottai. Thiruppunnavasal is about 26km from Avudayarkovil.  Kalayarkovil is about 45 km from Thiruppathur.

Karaikudi Distance Guide

Karaikudi Chidambaram 328 Km
Karaikudi Coimbatore 172 Km
Karaikudi Cuddalore 333 Km
Karaikudi Dharmapuri 307 Km
Karaikudi Dindigul 81 Km
Karaikudi Ernakulam 308 Km
Karaikudi Erode 179 Km
Karaikudi Hogenakkal 352 Km
Karaikudi Hosur 403 Km
Karaikudi Kanchipuram 393 Km
Karaikudi Kanyakumari 362 Km
Karaikudi Chennai 479 Km
Karaikudi Karur 170 Km
Karaikudi Kodaikanal 182 Km
Karaikudi Kodikkarai 349 Km
Karaikudi Krishnagiri 355 Km
Karaikudi Kumbakonam 254 Km
Karaikudi Madurai 120 Km
Karaikudi Mamallapuram 451 Km
Karaikudi Mysore 375 Km
Karaikudi Nagappattinam 294 Km
Karaikudi Nagercoil 381 Km
Karaikudi Palani 64 Km
Karaikudi Pollachchi 125 Km
Karaikudi Puducherry 358 Km
Karaikudi Poompuhar 323 Km
Karaikudi Pudukkottai 203 Km
Karaikudi Rajapalayam 205 Km
Karaikudi Rameswaram 287 Km
Karaikudi Ranipettai 457 Km
Karaikudi Salem 240 Km
Karaikudi Tenkasi 279 Km
Karaikudi Thanjavur 215 Km
Karaikudi Thekkadi 141 Km
Karaikudi Tiruchchendur 334 Km
Karaikudi Tiruchirappalli 160 Km
Karaikudi Tirunelveli 271 Km
Karaikudi Tirupathi 569 Km
Karaikudi Tiruppur 159 Km
Karaikudi Tiruttani 510 Km
Karaikudi Tiruvannamalai 387 Km
Karaikudi Thrissur 234 Km
Karaikudi Tiruvananthapuram 379 Km
Karaikudi Tuticorin 253 Km
Karaikudi Udagamandalam 270 Km
Karaikudi Ulundurpet 282 Km
Karaikudi Valparai 165 Km
Karaikudi Vellore 440 Km
Karaikudi Yercaud 269 Km


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