Tirunelveli Information

Tirunelveli is about 2000 years old with hoary tradition.  Next to Madurai it was an important city of Pandya Kingdom as it served as their capital for some time. Situated on the banks of the river Thamraparani, it is on theway to Kanyakumari from Madurai the Headquarters of the district.  It is a twin town Tirunelveli and  palayamkottai. Tirunelveli district as well as the town is known for Pathamadi mats, palm leaf utility articles and Kandsari.

Thirunelveli General Information

Tirunelveli is a municipal corporation, it is sixth largest city in tamilnadu (after Chennai,madhurai,Coimbatore,trichy & salem) in southern india. It is the headquarters of Tirunelveli district. This city is considered as an ancient Indian subcontinent the history that dates leads to 1000 B.C. the city is situated on the west bank of thamirabarani river.

    In 1560 the town was remodeled by vishwanatha the founder of nayak dynasty who also built many temples in it. Tirunelveli was earliest pandiya’s capital.in 16th and 17th century the nayak rule from Tirunelveli to Madurai and in 18th century also.

      Pandiyas kingdom was more important next to Madurai and he served Tirunelveli for some time (if the boundary of the town is made with stone like a war gate it will not be natural beauty nor keeping the surrounding fenced with rice field ) said by a tamil poet tiru-nel-veli.

          As such the town was called as “Nelveli”  i.e., Paddy Hedge.since the temple in town dedicated to Lord Siva thus the city is said to be Thiru-nel-veli. The Tirunelveli city has another name “Halwa city”, because the city is very famous for wheat based halwa.

Tirunelveli Tour Information

A major education centre and one of the oldest Christian centres in Tamil nadu, Tirunelveli has a history of 2000 years.  Situated on the banks of river Tambaraparani, it was the capital of the Pandyas.  The area is fertile and surrounded on all sides by paddy fields.  The main attraction of Tirunelveli is the twin temples of Kanthimati Nellaiappar dedicated to Parvati and Shiva respectively.  The magnificent gopuram was built in 1606. Among the interesting sights in the templeis a golden lily tank, a thousand pillared hall, which has some exquisite sculptures, and the musicial pillars which when struck produce different musical notes.  Tirunelveli is well connected by road to all the major towns of Tamil Nadu Kanyakumari (91km), Madurai(151km), Trichy (279km), and Chennai (598km) Bus stand enquiry Phone: 0462-2554468.  It is a major junction on Chennai-Kanyakumari and Chennai-Trivandrum rail route.


          From Tirunelveli 40km, same as kancheepuram it is also a temple town. Because lot of temples located here too. Kasi vishvanathar temple, Thirumula nathaswamy temple, veerama thandeswarar temple, ammaiappan temple, krishnaswamy temple, purushotama Perumal temple and Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple are situated here.


This temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu.  The presiding deity is Tiruvenkatanathar. There are a number of life-size sculptures in this temple with intricate workmanship.  It is about 13km from Tirunelveli on the way to Tiruchendur. Krishnapuram is about 13km from Tirunelveli is the little village of Krishnapuram with a templededicated to Vishnu built by Krishnappa Nayak (1563-73).  Some life size sculptures carved with great intricacy inside the temple are stunning.  It is a theatre of art not only portraying the mythological scenes but even the contemporary social life.  It is comparable to the sculptural beauty of temples n Belur and Halebid. The primus of the creator is Thiruvenkatanathar. Many life oriented sculptures with many sizes are scriptured in this temple with complicated workmanship.


Kazhugumalai is situated at a distance of 56km from Tirunelveli.  It was one of the important centres of the Jains.  The bas-relief found here is the contributions of Jains and are among the earliest of such works.  The Vettuvan Koil(Siva Temple) the rock-cut temple worth visiting.


Known for its beautiful coral mats, it is about km from Tirunelveli on the way Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary.


Sankarankovil is situated 132 and 56km away from Madurai and Tirunelveli respectively, the Arulmigu Sankaranarayanan temple here is famous. Twice in a year sunrays fall on the pedestal. Sankaran kovil is called as Sankaranainarkoil is connected to the town and other parts of the districts are with good bus facilities. In this temple the Lingam is personification of earth. Temple was built by ukkirapandiyan who ruled this are at the early days of the 11th century A.D. His routine was take a ride to Madurai on elephants back to worship Lord Somasundarar and Meenakshi. One particular day his elephant dug a hole with its trunk, fell and rolled over the earth and refused to move further. King’s watchman Manikreevan rushed to king and informed him about Siva Lingam and a Cobra coiling on it in a punnai forest. To witness that present king reached the spot and that time pandiya King was ordered to built a temple and worship with utmost devotion which the king’s words. Ukkirapandiyan established a temple and worshiped with goddess. Nagasunai, the most holy one is dug by two large snakes King Sankan and Padman. Among the people their was a belief that if they sprinkle this water as a holy water all the diseases gets cured. Similarly the ant hill of the earth is also has a power of great medicinal value and it helps in curing skin diseases.

Sankarana Kovil is about 56km to the northwest of Tirunelveli, Sankarana Kovil has a unique temple dedicated to Sankaranarayan, a combined manifestation of Shiva and Vishnu.  The right half of the idol has all the symbols of Shiva deer, cobra, moon etc., while the left half has all the symbols of Vishnu chakra, conch etc.  The corridors of the temple have some fine paintings.  Sankarana Kovil is well connected by road and rail.  The car festival of the temple attracts devotees form far off to this holy place. Ph: 04636-222265

Manjolai- Hill Station

        Manjolai is just 57Km far away from Tirunelveli and it is an elevation of 1162 sq. meter. Many tea plantations are there in and around that place. Bombay Burma is one of the popular tea estates in this place. In these tea plantations more then 4000 people are employed.


          From Tirunelveli 30 Km to travel to this place. Nanguneri is surrounded by fertile green lush, large water tanks and many acres of fertile land. The western part is symbolized like a cycle of mountain which is known as Western Ghats. The people of the town they live a simple life. Their routine work is to take bath in the water tank, visiting Sri Vanamamalai Temple and worshiping the devote of the deity, getting blessings of jeeyar and partaking prasadam offered from the temple. Nanguneri is situated on the north of Eruvadi. Ph: 04637-250119.

Thirunelveli Tourism Information


The name itself implies that this town is Kasi (Varanasi) of the South.  The Flag-staff of the temple is noteworthy for sculptures beauty and is 400 years old.  The Rajagopuram of Ulagamman Viswanatha Temple was rebuilt and consecrated on 25th June 1990.  To go to Courtallam one has to alight here.  It has a railway station and is 637km from Chennai and 135 km form Kanyakumari. Tenkasi literally means the Kashi (Varanasi) of the south. 53km from Tirunelveli, the Pandya king Paranthaga built the temple here in 1456, which is dedicated to Vishwanatha.  The temple tower was damaged by lighting in 1942 but was renovated and rebuilt. Now it stands about 50m high. The temple flagstaff is believed to be 400 years old. The popular health resort, Courtallam is just 6km away.

Papanasam and Manimuthar

Papanasam Dam is located 46km away from Tirunelveli.  It is a beautiful picnic spots.  Another dam in Tirunelveli District is Manimuthar Dam.  This is 47km from Tirunelveli.  Having salubrious climate and gorgeous garden, it serves an excursion centre.


Courtallam is a small village of a panchayat town which is approximately situated 164m beside western ghats in tirunelvli   starts in the month of july and ends in September. Many rivers such as the Chittar River, Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River are specified being here. The fall of water  from courtallam falls is a medicine for the people that flows along the forests and herbs, as they flows they get a soothing effect. The most famous waterfall in Tirunelveli and more over it is surrounded by lots of health resorts.  It is an excellent health resort.  During the season (June to September) thousands of tourists from far and near visit place. Courtallam is visited by the young and old alike.  The water of Courtallam has medicinal properties as they run through forest herbs before their descent and hence have soothing effect.  It has miraculous effect on the old and convalescing as it helps them to compensate their health at a rapid pace. Courtallam is 16okms from Madurai, 59km from Tirunelveli, 137kms from Kanyakumari and 112km from Thiruvananthapuram.  The railhead is Tenkasi just km away.

Courtallam is about 60km from Tirunelveli, Coutrallam, a natural spa located on the Western ghats has at least seven waterfalls.  The main fall is formed by sharp three-stage drop of the river Chittar over 90m and floodlit for the convenience of tourists to bathe at night.  The waters of thee falls are said to have curative powers.  Courtallam can also be a base to explore the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (50km).

Located near the main falls, the Courtallanathar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  The presiding deity is called Courtallanathar.  It has a laingam carved on the face of a rock, and the temple contains many old inscriptions about the Chola and the Pandya kings.  A small Chitra Sabha Temple nearby is dedicated to Lord Nataraja and ornated with paintings of rural deities and devotees, puranic stories and religious events.  In one of the five sabhas, the Lord nataraja is said to have performed his cosmic dance.  The wooden carved door and painting of Lord Nataraja are a marvel.

Peraruvi or the Great Falls, very near to the Bus Stand is where water flows from a height of about 386m, gushing in a single silver stream falling on rocks as a white thunder. Chitraruvi or Small Falls a branch shooting out of Peraruvi is about 500m away.  Thenaruvi or Fire Falls amidst thick vegetation of herbs.  Further 2km from here is Pazhathottaaruvi, situated in the precincts of Govt Fruit Garden, prior permission necessary for visit.  Pazhaiyaaruvi, falling from a high of about 210m are surrounded by thick woods and small hillocks.  On its way are Puliaruvi and Puthuaruvi, also called Tiger Falls.  At the Shenbagadeviaruvi (210m), the temple Godess Shenbagadevi is added attraction.

Every year during the season (June-September), Tamil Nadu Tourism arrange boating in the Melvannamadai Lake near 5 falls Road.  It also organizes a 10-day Saral Festival.

Madurai is 160km away and Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala only 112km. Buses and vans are available from Tirunelveli to Courtallam.  Tenkasi, 6km away is the nearest rail head connected to Tirunelveli and Chennai.  Railway Station enquiry Phone: 04633-222234.  Tirunelveli Railway Station Phone: 0462-2338308.


Courtallam Location:

         Courtallam is just 22km from Kadayanallur, 6km from Tenkasi, 160km from (temple city) Madurai, 137km from kanniyakumari, 112km from Tiruvananthapuram and 64km from Rajapalayam. Tuticorn airport is the nearest airport to courtallam place(TCR) approximately 86km far away. The nearest railway station to courtallam is just 6km from Tenkasi which is just 5km from Tirunelveli. Travelling way for courtallam from tenkasi is either by a private bus, car, auto, van or by sharing we can reach. Contact: Tourist Office, Courtallam, ph.no. 04633-283003

Mundathurai wildlife sanctuary

Coverage area of 516 sqkm this sanctuary house the common langur Lion tailed macaque etc.  Best time to visit is September to December.


This place has bird Sanctuary.


         Sengottai is a city town of Tamilnadu, India, in the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is situated 5 Km apart from Kutrallam Waterfalls, near Kerala border. The river flows through the village are Harihara and Kuntaaru. The financial savings of agriculture in nature and other people are employed in cultivating the paddy field, groundnut, ginger, coconut. Terra cotta and pottery industry, cane furniture are important financial savings activities. Large numbers of Saw mills are presents in Senkottai piranoor. During the month of December through January (Tamil month Marghazhi), people of senkottai sing Bhajan everyday and put special rangoli is drawn outside. Some of the tourist place in senkottai are: Kundaru Dam and Mottai Dam just 3 Km, Paalaru Falls 15 Km, Manalar and Kumbaratty Falls in Kerala just 13 Km, Famous Randakka Song in the film Anniyan Shot at Amman Sannathi Street, Senkottai.

District Science Centre

     The District Science Centre is located in the land of Tamiraparani and it is an unique institution. Popularizing Science, counting the spirit of enquiry, denoting creative talents, qualifying scientific temper in life, are the facts. There are 124 centres in country among that this is one. In ocean there are two galleries in that 3permanent centres and semi permanent gallery is about popular science and a six acres is filled with science park which has a tremendous help centre  for every awareness of scientific development among the people.

     Generation to the above facilities of District Science Centre is also taking part in conducting following programmes like Mobile Science Exhibition, Planetarium, Film Show, Temporary Exhibition, Science Skit and Rating of Science.


         From Tirunelveli just 2Km travel. It is a multi-use museum situated on Tirunelveli-Thiruvananthapuram Road (NH7) palayamkottai. All varieties of Archaeological remaining can be seen. Entrance free. Museum Open 8.30a.m to 5.30p.m.

Tiruvalluvar Two tier Bridge

         This tiruvakkuvar over bridge is in Tirunelveli junction this was built to avoid the train crossing. The total length of the bridge is 800metres. This type of two Tier Bridge in Tirunelveli is first time in India. In 1972 this bridge was opened to avoid traffic. This two tier bridge totally has many matters, they consists of 25spans of which 13 are bow string arch, each with the width of 30.30 meters and 12 are single tier R.C.C girder with the width of 11.72 meters.

Uvari Village

         Uvari is a fishing village which is located at shore of way to Bengal at Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu, South India. This village is just 70 Km from Tirunelveli city. 50 Km east from Nagercoil and 100 Km west from Tuticorin. The total population of that place is nearly 7000. There are around thousands of houses in this village. This village all the needs what they want like electricity, health centre, community centre, schools, bank, hospital, water tanks, ration shop, library and etc., This not like a village nearly a town. There are good bus facilities for the people and it takes just one hour to reach Hindu temple Tiruchendur. Uvari is just 90minutes from railway junction of Tirunelveli and from the beach town of Kanyakumari. From Uvari many private travels are arranged for Tisayanvillai, 7Km away from Uvari. The village is divided into 3types Middle Street, Western Street and Beach Colony.

V.O.C. Mani Mandapam

           V.O.Chitambarm with a great personality of Freedom movement in Tamilnadu who struggled in pulling the cooking oil extraction (chekku) in Coimbatore prison, the place he was imprisoned for fighting against British rule. V.O.C. Born at Ottapidaram now in Tuticorin district. But this village was before under Tirunelveli district so that government built a manimandapam for him Tirunelveli and it was honored by our chief minister of Tamilnadu to open it. There is a meditation hall. In this hall V.O.C. statue is kept with the height of 6.5 feet. There is extracted oil kept as a remembrance for his struggle and sacrifice in national freedom fight. At the Entrance of the mandapam two ship shapes are kept which intimate us the V.O.C. brave and intelligent approach against British. V.O.C. also established Navigation Team against British. He was not only sincere to the nation and he was also a leader of labour union. Once there was a strike, in that many labours were starving V.O.C. sold his land and bought food for the labours and Strike continued. His co-mates are Mahakavi Bharathi and Subramania SIVA.

‘Veerar’ Pulithevan Memorial

          He was born in 1715. He was the first man to make war of British to cry. He was the only man who refused to pay tax against British. This made a wound to his self respect and in 1755 he was the first herald the freedom movement of defeating the demand of Col. Aaron. He planned a war against the Britishers and defeated them too. At last Britishers planned to attack him while offering prayers at Sankara Nainar Koil but he dis-appeared into a cave and he never returned. Thus to his memorial they kept a Nelkattum Seval at Sivagiri Taluk.

Tirunelveli Temples

Courtallanathar Temple

      It is located near the mainfalls of Courtallam. This temple is offered for Lord Shiva, which is filled with lot of inspirational ethics of Chola and Pandya Kings.

Kurukuthurai Murugan Temple

          Lord Murugan temple is located at middle part of Tamiraparani river which is at the centre of beautifully carved with rocks which is known as Thiruvuruvamalai. In 1653, the same rocks are used for carving the Lord Murugan temple at Tiruchendur.

Nambi Malai

          A small temple close by hills is offered to Lord Nambi so it is known as Malai Nambi with a cycloramic view from the village below. This hill is named as Nambi Malai (Nambi Hill).

Nellayappar Gandhimathi Temple

         This temple is located in the centre of the town with the distance of 2Km from the Railway Station. This twin temple is exclusively allocated to Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva. Unseen jewels, the Golden Lily Tank, Musical Pillars, the hall of a 1000 Pillars are gift for our eyes. The great gopuram (towers) can be viewed even far distance from the temple. Both the gopurams were built under the rules of the agamasastras by Rama pandyan. Nindrasir Nedumaran, who pre-dominated in the 7th century CE, contributed to built and remodel the important parts of the temple. A gorgeous garden were established in 1756 CE, next to that chain mandapam, welcomes visitors with eyes full of colours and a great odour of flowers. This garden was planned and established by Thiruvengadakrishna Mudaliar. A square vasantha mandapam with hundred pillars is placed centre of the garden. The Nellaiappar Temple Is bigger than Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, though it is famous for his historical account on importance. The sacred place of holy temple has a pose of Lord Vishnu lying as seen in famous Srirangam Temple; this is known as “Nellai Govindar”. Why there is a Vishnu Goddess inside a Shiva temple is still an obscurity. Ph: 0462-2339910.

Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple

          This temple is sacred temple of Lord Srinivasa goddess. The templeis situated 7 to 10 Km south west of Tirunelveli in the place of Perennial River of Thamirabarani. This temple is also known as Tirunankovil.


          From Tirunelveli it is 42 Km. This deity is on the western Ghats of Pothigai Hills. Before great saint Agasthiya Siva and Parvathi appeared in this papanasam falls the bank of Thamirabarani River. Hence the falls is proudly called as “Agasthiyar falls” because of the voyage. To keep as memorial it was built there so that people can visit the divine couple the Agasthiar Temple.  Papanasam Dam is just 7 Km from papanasam. It is a gorgeous outing spot to relax.

Salaikumaran Temple

The Lord Muruga temple is a popular temple and it is a heart of Tirunelveli junction. In 1965 this temple received a silver trophy for its maintenance. Many Hindu marriages are held in this temple only.

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple

This temple is at Tirunelveli junction. This temple is an olden day temple and then name came for Lord Vishnu temple. It lies in the place of Perennial River of Thamirabarani. This are is also known as Veerarahavapuram.

Tenkasi-Kasi Vishwanathar Temple

         From Tirunelveli 53 Km and 5 Km from Tenkasi. The name of this place implies the town ‘Kasi (Varanasi) of the south’. The temple is 554 feet in length and 318 feet in width. In 1456 by Parakirama Pandian built the temple tower of 172 feet. Then the temple tower was damaged in 1924 due to thunder and it was remodeled by Sivanthi Adithan with height of 163 feet. Ph: 04633-222373.


          From Tirunelveli 40 Km. Athalanathar Temple and Narumpoonathar Temple on the bank of river Thamirabarani River which is a magnificent tourist because of his beauty scenery. The sculptures in the temple with stones are very interesting. There are four styles of temple of architecture namely Pandiya, chera, Chola and Vijayanagara Gives more beauty for the Glorious Temple.


         Below Mahendragiri hills on the western Ghats and on the banks of the river Nambiyaru adopts the large and prosperous village of Tirukkurungudi. In the Varaha Purana the Lord said that this village is holy village. Thus this place gets a name of Kurungudi the smaller abode of Narayana.

Tirunelveli Sanctuary

Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary

     From Tirunelveli just 47km. This is a ‘project Tiger’ Reserve. The habitat ranges from forest tropical wet fertile to tropical dry deciduous and thorn forest. Lion tailed and long faced monkeys and common asian monkeys are many. Trekking is allowed with the prior’s permission from the higher official of forest. Staying as a household is located at forest as a rest house at Sengltheri with catering facilities we can avail with these benefits. Project Tiger Reserve and a naturalists' delight.  A variety of ammals, reptiles and species of birds can be viewed here. Another wildlife sanctuary Mundanthurai, 56km from Tirunelveli is also known for its flora and fauna.  Trekking trails are here within the forests.  For permission for trekking and accommodation in the forest rest houses, contact the Wildlife Warden Phone: 0463-250594.

Other places worth a visit around Tirunelveli include, Papanasam, 42km to the west, on the Western Ghats of Pothigai Hills.  It has a famous Shiva temple, very close the falls, popularly called Agasthiya Falls.  It is believed that Shiva and Parvati appeared before Agasthiya at this spot.  This holy place is also close to the place of origin of river Tambaramparani. The annual festival of Chithrai Vishnu in April and Adi Amavasi in July at Papanasam attract thousands of pilgrims.  49km from Tirunelveli, the Papanasam Dam is a popular picnic spot. Another dam in this district, Manimutharu Dam, 47km from Tirunelveli has a gorgeous garden and pleasure boating.

Koonthankulam Birds Sanctuary

          From Tirunelveli 38Km. It is a small village town a while far from south, koonthankulam in Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli district is processing for new favourite of the migrating Birds. It may soon be spread into many list of water bird sanctuaries in the country. This village is back country on their population. Migratory birds starts their journey in the month of December end and they get back to their home land north side by June to July after they lay eggs and hatch them and make their kid to grow well and teach them to fly and fly wit the seniors. More than 35 species of birds visit this windless sea but unique village town for breeding.

Mundanthurai-Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary

From Tirunelveli 56Km. in 1988 with total area of 817 sq.km in the south part of Western Ghats  ranges Mundanthurai-Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary is located which is in Tirunelveli district is to de developed as a National Tiger Reserve. The nearest stations are Cheranmahadevi is 20Km and Ambasamudaram is 15Km from Tirunelveli. The nearest airports are Madurai and Tirvandrum.
Climate is slightly different dry humid and little hot at plains and pleasant cold at higher elevation. The habitat of tiger in southern most part is reserve. Other predators like panthers, jungle cats, civets, dholes, jackals, striped hyenas are found here.
In India more than 18 non-human home for primate species of which five primates occur in this reserve area namely lion-tailed Macaque, slender Loris, Nilgiri langur and bonnet macaque. Other dangerous species are found in Nilgiri tahr, sloth bear, Indian bison, Indian elephant, Malabar giant squirrel, mouse deer, pangolin etc., In addition to that sambar wild boar, spotted deer, porcupine and man gooses are found out here.
Over the reserve area nearly 24 identified trails are spread out. It gives thrilling experience for the trekkers. Trekking should be advised by the prior’s permission of the forest Department. Rest houses are available for accommodation in forest, Mundanthurai with catering facilities and PWD Rest house at Ambasamudaram can make use of it. The tiger reserve is open on all week days 6 a.m to 6 p.m through out the year. But the best season is from September to January. Forest Rest room and other hostage’s rooms are available at Mundanthurai and Thalayanai. Ph.no. 04634-250594.

Vallanadu Black Buck Sanctuary

         From Tirunelveli 18 Km. It is a small hill which has a numerous population of dotted dears. The climate of this place is normally cold because it is surrounded by fertile plants and located naturally. It is declared as Dear Sanctuary by the Forest Department. Police shooting stations (Arms Firing Training) are here and this is one of the best in India. Contact: The district Forest Officer, Tirunelveli Division, Kokirakulam, Tirunelveli – 627009. Ph: 0462-2572712.

Thirunelveli Church and Mosque

Athankarai Pallivasal

From Tirunelveli 46km. There are two Domes, one for Syed Ali Fatima and other for Sheik mohammed. These two are consider as holy sufi saints. It is like a common place because all religious people visit and get their vow granted.

Kappal Madha - Selva Madha Church

          From Tirunelveli 72km. St.Mary Church which is a small but very spiritual it is under taken by fathers of goa missionary. In the period 1903 all the churches were converted into school. In many important grand occasion the vows of the people are granted and it is celebrated like a festivals to Mother Mary. There were many young girls and women were willing to stay in Nun’s house and sleep there at night. In this place their  was a miracle Selvamadha statue was bright for more than a hour even no lights were lit their and even, the people around Uvari are the witness of  this miracle. This blessed day 18th September is celebrated as a festival day. After this Miracle, people of Uvari took that holy statue in chariot and `went procession around the place of holy mother land of Blessed Virgin Mary. Because of sea disaster to the land old church got damaged, hence they decided to built a new a church and a first stone is laid by Fr.Thomas in 25th January 1970, they finished the work by 1974. The church was designed as a ship and then onwards it is named as a kappal madha chuch after carving this beautiful church. The beautiful Church is faced towards the blue sea it joints more beauty to see and it gives a feast to our eyes and inspiration to our life.

Pottalpudur Dargha

            This is an oldest dargha built around 1674 it is a centre of attraction for the viewers. This dargha not only attracts the Muslims it attracts the other religions in equal numbers. This dargha is built as a Hindu Temple pattern. In the holy land if their prayers are answered they vow to offer to the dargha in numbers during Kanthuri festival with great deep respect. In this dargha lebbais reacts like priests similar as Hindus and all other formalities are also same as them. Holy ashes are got from tamarind bark, ghee and flowers called nerchai are given to the people as devotee. Ph: 04634-240566.

Trinity Cathedral

         From Tirunelveli just 2Km. The allocated place is named as Murugankurichi. In 1826 a pretty and gorgeous church was built by Revered Rhenius.

Uvari Churches

         St. Antony’s Church, Selvamatha Church, St. Andrew’s Church and Annai Velankannimatha Church are the important churches in Uvari village. St. Antony’s Church is located in the West Street. St. Andrew’s Church is situated in the Middle Street. , Selvamatha Church is situated in the East Street Annai Velankannimatha Church is situated in the Beach Colony.

Thirunelveli Dam and Falls

Karayar Dam / The Roja Falls (Banatheertham)

     The moment when we think about waterfalls in Tamilnadu, Courtallam Falls of Tirunelveli will strike in our mind and at the same time the Banatheertham falls of the same city is giving more pride to the city because the song ‘Chinna-Chinna Asai’ from Roja film was shooted here (‘Dil hai Chhota sa’ in Hindi release). Banatheertham is a part of Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve which is just above the Karayar Dam and it is situated in the western origin of the river down. There is a boat ride of 20minutes for a person from dam across the lake which cost Rs.20.

           There is also 10 minutes trekking that takes to the gorgeous and beautiful waterfalls, which is fully surrounded by a closely packed forest can be viewed. Waterfall is mind-blowing when we view from lake view. While boat riding they can also awe-inspiring view of water-slide of hills. This range is called for its plant varieties. The famous aromatic plant of healing Agasthiya which is pride to be father of all plant-based natural medicines is proved to have scattered these hills by collecting the herbs of plants.

Kumbarutti Falls

          From Tirunelveli 80Km, 20Kms travel from Courtallam route which is a gorgeous falls situated at western Ghats with the facilities of natural swimming pool (Thadagam) 3Km before Achan Kovil.

Manimuthar Dam/Falls

          From Tirunelveli 47Km to travel. Magnificent garden of Dam, attractive boating. Waterfalls is just 5Km from the Dam with zigzag ghat route. Manjolai Tea Estate having Healthy climate can be visited, travel of 10Kms from Dam. To rest our self Rest Houses are available in the Dam.

Tirunelveli Distance Guide

Tirunelveli Chidambaram 461 Km
Tirunelveli Coimbatore 378 Km
Tirunelveli Cuddalore 452 Km
Tirunelveli Dharmapuri 373 Km
Tirunelveli Dindigul 214 Km
Tirunelveli Ernakulam 300 Km
Tirunelveli Erode 357 Km
Tirunelveli Hogenakkal 418 Km
Tirunelveli Hosur 469 Km
Tirunelveli Kanchipuram 549 Km
Tirunelveli Kanyakumari 91 Km
Tirunelveli Karaikudi 271 Km
Tirunelveli Karur 291 Km
Tirunelveli Kodaikanal 233 Km
Tirunelveli Kodikkarai 443 Km
Tirunelveli Krishnagiri 421 Km
Tirunelveli Kumbakonam 348 Km
Tirunelveli Madurai 151 Km
Tirunelveli Mamallapuram 610 Km
Tirunelveli Mysore 554 Km
Tirunelveli Nagappattinam 388 Km
Tirunelveli Nagercoil 110 Km
Tirunelveli Palani 270 Km
Tirunelveli Pollachchi 331 Km
Tirunelveli Puducherry 194 Km
Tirunelveli Poompuhar 417 Km
Tirunelveli Pudukkottai 262 Km
Tirunelveli Rajapalayam 81 Km
Tirunelveli Rameswaram 224 Km
Tirunelveli Ranipettai 551 Km
Tirunelveli Salem 373 Km
Tirunelveli Tenkasi 55 Km
Tirunelveli Thanjavur 309 Km
Tirunelveli Thekkadi 287 Km
Tirunelveli Tiruchchendur 63 Km
Tirunelveli Tiruchirappalli 279 Km
Tirunelveli Chennai 598 Km
Tirunelveli Tirupathi 658 Km
Tirunelveli Tiruppur 341 Km
Tirunelveli Tiruttani 591 Km
Tirunelveli Tiruvannamalai 544 Km
Tirunelveli Thrissur 469 Km
Tirunelveli Tiruvananthapuram 178 Km
Tirunelveli Tuticorin 60 Km
Tirunelveli Udagamandalam 476 Km
Tirunelveli Ulundurpet 415 Km
Tirunelveli Valparai 371 Km
Tirunelveli Vellore 587 Km
Tirunelveli Yercaud 402 Km


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