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Theni is one of the Districts in Tamil Nadu.  It is surrounded by nature environment. The newly formed Theni District is surrounded by Western Ghats.  Agriculture is the main occupation of this place.  After satisfying the necessary water for irrigation reverse to Periyar and Mullai river joins at Vaigai Dam.  During bifurcation of Madurai District Teni District Dawned.  This District includes Uthamapalayam, Periyakulam and Andipatti.  Apart from three taluks there are eight Panchayat Unions.            It is known for large scale trading of cardamom, cotton, chilli and textiles.  It is the second largest weekly market in Tamil Nadu and Fourth place in South India by turn over.  This is very famous shooting place in tamil film Industry.


         The headquarters of Andipatti Taluk is at Andipatti.  This Taluk covers Varshanadu and other hill villages.  The important industry is handloom and Textiles.


         At the bottom of the Western Ghat hillock there is Bodinayakkanur.  Where mango, coffee and Cardamom are being transacted in the sandy.


        This is a very important town in Theni District.  It is situated in Kodaikanal at the foot hills.  From the Theni it has 16km distance.  Periyakulam is famous for Mangoes next to Salem.  Periyakulam is famous for mango cultivation.  Mangoes are exported to another country from here also.  During summer, the climate is cool at night as well as kodaikanal.  It is connected with all major towns in Tamil Nadu by road.  Madurai Airport is near by this.  Favorable lodges are here for staying.


        This place is located lkat a height of 4500 ft with wonderful sight.  This is an important place to take rest which is 20km away form Bodinayakkanur.



         It is situated at 12kms from Periyakulam.  This is built across the Varaga river.  This is a beautiful picnic spot.  The wide expanse of stored water is an impressive sight.


         This is a popular picnic spot.  This dam is built across the Mullai river near Andipatti Village.  It is 25km away from Theni.  The required water is taken from this on agriculture for irrigation in Madurai.  In this we have the Children Park and zoo.  Around this, there is a lot of developing spots.



        This falls on the route to Munnar between Bodi and Bodimedu from Theni.  This water is very tasty.


        This is 54kms away form Theni.  This falls is very nearer to Kombaithozhu village.  This esteem originates from the top of Megamalai.


         It is located 9kms from periyakulam.  This falls is situated in natural circumstances.  It originates from Kodaikanal and Finally reaches the foot hills.
This place is known as Kumbakkarai.  Here the sound of the birds and other creatures are perform the sweet musical performance to welcome the tourists.  When the rainy season this falls flow very heavily.  You can go to the Kodaikanal by the way of walking with the help of Ghats Road.    There is a bus facility from the periyakulam.  At present the Bus Fare is sRs. 2.  There is no guest house to stay.


         Suruli falls located 8km from Kambam.  Suruli hills are famous on ingredients of natural medical herb.  The Suruli Velappar Temple is in the middle of pure nature herb leaves smell.  Inside the Ghat road from the 1/2km distance only in the Suruli falls.  There are 18 caves in the Suruli falls. 



         It is very famous for green tea plantations and cardamom.  It is popularly known as “High Wavy Mountains”.  It is a cool and misty mountain range and a distance of 130km from Madurai.  Its altitude is 1500m above sea level.  The Government forest department is planning to establish the Megamalai wild life Sanctuary in an area 600sqkm of the forest in division.  It is an ideal place for bird watching.  In the forests Over 100 species birds have been identified.  This is the birth place of megamalai falls.


         This is known as “Harikesa Nallur”.  It is noticed in Tholkappiam in Sanga Ilakkiyam.  This is the famous for local sandy.  This is the main place on nearly villages.  Goddess Sivagami Amman temple is situated in the bank of Mullai River.  Sivagami Amman Dharshan is very worth to worship.


         A dense forested place replete with natural flora and fauna is located at 6.5kms from Theni in the varushanadu hill ranges.


         It is more entertainment place for children.  Its lush green gardens and aesthetic ambience will rejuvenate your body and soul.  Here Aqua caves an amazing aquarium with more then 100 rare varieties of fishes and sea species. 


         It is important pilgrimage centre in Suruli.  In this Dhargah the saint Backer Masthan was buried in this Dhargah.  This Dhargah is situated near Kailasanathar Cave Temple.  Abu Backer lived in 1630’s muslim mystic.  Here the another pilgrimage centre is Lord Suruli Velappar temple.  During the month of chithirai on Saturdays devotees are carrying the milk pots to carry out the puja.



         This is one of the important temples.  This temple was constructed by the Great Rajendra Chola.  Tamil God Lord Muruga appears with Six faces and with his wife.  Lord Muruga appears from the under ground.


         This is the centre place on mavoothu were velappar temple is there.  From Andipatti there is a distance of 20km.  Amidst hillocks this holy temple is located.  The Lord Kumaran is situated in one of the hill peak.  Upto the foothills there is a bus facility is available.  There is a sying words are “Kandhanukku vel vel, Kumaranukku vel vel”.  There is mango grove with flowers and shining is good on eye sight.  There are lot of springs because of the constant rains is called Mavoothu.  The  name Mavoothu stands for “spring of the Mango Grove”.

Puja Timings :

Morning 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m.
Evening  4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.


         This is situated on the Madurai – Kochi national highways between Theni and Bodinayakkanur.   Lord Subramaniar Temple is a most popular pilgrimage centre.


        Goddess Kamatchi Amman Temple is an important one located at the bank of Manjal River.  This Goddess temple is 3km away.  All the pujas are being conducted at the doors only.  As the main treasury is not opened.  During the evening puja with local music instruments are being played.  This is a feast on eyes and ears.


         Devadanapatti Amman temple is located 25km from periyakulam.  Annual festival of this temple will be conducted during the month of Vaikasi.  The special pujas will be conducted on every month of full moon day.  This temple is nearly 200years old.


         The Goddess Gowmariamman Temple temple is famous here.  Thousands of devotees will arrive here and to see the lord.  This temple was built by  Pandyan King Veerapandiya Kattabomman in the year 14th century.  Pandya king is said to have regained his vision by praying this Gowmariyamman and Kanneeswaramudaiyar.  Mullai River also run its course.  This temple is nearly 8km from Theni.


         The temple is located 3km at Allinagaram, 3km away from Theni.  This is a powerful god to give the power to the devotees.   Every year chithirai First day celebrate the function by the people.  In and around the Theni, we have to see lot of places and enjoy that.  Some of the places are Vaigai Dam, Kumbakkarai falls, Surulipatti, Suruli falls, Thekkadi, Munar and Maharaj Mettu Green Tea planatations and coffee Ghat gardens.


         This is located at 7km from Pazhaiyankudi.  It had been within the limits of ward 21 of Gudalur Municipality.  It was built by Kerala king Cheran Chenguttuvan.  Every year Chitra pournami is the famous festival in this temple.


         This is the place on the separate temple of Lord Sani in India.  In the Thirunallar Temple we have the separate sannathi on this Lord Sani.  But in the Kuchanoor the main lord is sani only.  This is not created by any one.  It is originated by itself.  Besides this temple always the running river is known as Surabhi River.  This temples Annual festival will be conducted during the month of Aadi Saturdays.  Because the Saturday only the best day for this Lord Saneeswaran who imports justice.


         It is situated 800mts above the sea level.  It is believed that the water contains medicinal value.  It will be curing the diseases.  In Silappathikaram is mentioned the festivals are being conducted during Aadi, Thai and Chithtirai.

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