Pudukkottai Tourism Information

Pudukkottai town is the head quarters of the district of the same name.  Once a princely state, the area which comprises the district is of absorbing interest to historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and lovers of art.  The numerous dolmens, stone circles and other forms of megalinthic burials in the district indicate the antiquity of this region dating back to pre-historic and proto-historical times. This fact is mentioned in the Sangam classics.  The archaeological and cultural remains at Kodumbalur, narthamalai, Kudumianmalai, Kunnadar Koil, Sittannavasal, thirumayam, Avadayar Koil are proofs of its rich cultural heritage.  The origin of Pudukkottai as a Princely State in the 17th century AD is only an aspect of the regions colourful past.
The rulers of Pudukkottai have built several beautiful places and also constructed tanks and canals.  The collectorate of the district is now functioning in one of the palaces.

Pudukkottai Tour Information

Sri Gokarneswarar Temple

The rock-cut cave temple of Sri Gokarneswarar Brahadamabal at Thirugokarnam is of Mahendravarma pallava’s Period.

Government Museum

Government Museum is situated at Thirugokarnam, the museum is at a distance of 5km from Pudukkotai station. The rare collections in the sections of Geology, Zoology, Painting, Anthropology, Epigraphy and Historical Records etc.  The fine sculptures and bronzes of various periods are attractive items of Museum.

Around Pudukkottai


This ancient abode of Jains dating back to the 2nd Century BC is about 16km from Pudukkottai.  The rock cut cave temple with its beautiful fresco painting in natural colours as in Ajanta and Stone beds known as Eladipattam, a cave in which the jain monks were said to have sought refuge in those days, are the main attractions.
In the area around Sittannavasal there are many Pre-Historic burial sites consisting of Kurangupataraj, cairns, burial urns, cists etc.


Kudumianmalai is 20km from Pudukkottai.  There are beautiful sculptures and a thousand pillar hall in the temple. The presiding deity is Sikha-gireeswarar.  The temple is noted numerous inscriptions.
The Anna Agricultural Farm and Agriculture research institute are the other interesting features of this place.


Also known as, Moovarkoil, it is 36km from Pudukkottai and 42km from Trichy.  The sculpturesof Kalarimurthim Gajasamharamurthi, Ardhanari, Gangadharamurthi, etc., are interesting masterpieces of art.


The temple of Lord Subramanya at this place on a hillock and is said to exist before 15th century AD.  There is a peacock sanctuary.  It is 30km from trichy and 40km from Pudukkottai.


Its original name is Nagaratar malai and changed as Narthamalai.  There are two cake temples here one of Siva and otherof Vishnu.  Te pre historical burial grounds, kadambarmalai and Mariamman Temple of this place are worth visiting.


The Fort, the Siva and Vishnu temples are the tourist attractions here, the fort played an important role in the history of Tondaiman rulers of Pudukkottai and the British.  The erection of this 40 acre-wide fort in 1687 AD is attributed to Sethupathi Vijaya Ragunatha Thevar, of Sethupathi of Ramanathapuram.
The Vishnu temple is one of the most complete and the largest Anantasayi group in India.  It is a natural Cavern, which has been changed into a shrine.


The Athmanathaswami temple situated here contains graceful life-size sculptures which are of absorbing interest.  There are no images for the principal deities, only pedestals are worshipped.  This mode of worship is stated to be in accordance with saint Manikka Vasagar’s preaching of absolute monism.  The car of this temple is renowned for its wood carvings.  The temple is noted for granite roof work.


This is an eight storey victory tower built by the Maratha King Serfoji in the year 1814 to commemorate the victory of the British over Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo. From this 3000 metre high tower, one can have a panoramic view of the palm fringed Bay of Bengal.


Kumaramalai is 10km from Pudukkottai.  On top of a small mount is a Murugan temple.  The water on this mount is considered to be holy.


One of the Islamic Pilgrim centres.  It is located on the Thirumayam to Madurai Highways.  Both Hindus and Muslims visit this place.  Annual Urs takes place in the month of Rabiyul Ahir.

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