Madurai Temples

Koodal Alagar Temple

In the west of the city there is an ancient Vaishnavite temple with beautiful sculptures.  This temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is older than the Meenakshi Temple.  This temple is one of the 108 Thirupathis.  The Moolavar (presiding deity) is known by the name ‘Koodal Alagar’ and the thayar is known as ‘Maduravalli.  Periyalvar sang the holy ‘Thirupallandu’ in the Koodal Alagar temple in Madurai which is appraises of Lord Vishnu. Periyalvar’s loving daughter is Andal.
Thistemple is famous for its ‘Astanga Vimanam’ built over the Sanctum Santourm.  The Vimanam consists of three tries.  In the ground floor of the Vimanam the Lord is in the Asana (sitting) posture and in the sthanaka (standing) and Sayana (reclining) postures respectively.


Thirupparankundram is located 8km south of Madurai Railway junction.  One of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya the second son of Lord Shiva is located here.  It is a 6th century rock cut temple.
Subramanya married to Deivanai here and many centuries before this has been regarded the most auspicious plays to conduct marriages.  The rock cut temple of Subramanya here is thronged with pilgrims on all days of special worship.

Mariamman Teppakulam (Tank)

This big temple Tank (1000 feet length and 950 feet wide) is also known by all as Vandiyur Teppakulam which is about 5km east of the city.  There is an ancient small Mariamman temple in the northern side of the tank and also there is a Shiva temple on the west of this Tank.  The float festival is held here every year on Thai Poosam day in the Tamil month of ‘Thai’ (Utharayana period).


This temple is one of the 108 Divya holy temples.  It is called Alagar Hills or Alagar Kovil.  Above the hill no Garudas fly for some historical vows.  The temple is situated on a hill amidst panoramic surroundings.  The shrine is known as Sundararaja Perumal and the hill is Solamalai.
The Mahabharatha says that this temple was visited by both Yudhisthira and Arjuna.  It is said that Koorattalwar, the chief disciple of saint Ramanuja, regained his eyes by worshipping the deity here.  Don’t miss the 2000 years old Sundarsana Chakra in this temple.
The God Alagar comes to Madurai Vaigai River and goes to merit Manduga Rishi who was living us a frog he comes in correct form that he prays God Vishnu being as Alagar.
Alagar starts his travel to merit Manduga Rishi and then goes Vandiyoor.  A Madurai person celebrates as one of the greatest celebration on the coming path of Alagar.  People happily welcome and prays according to their ceremony.  The temple also contain some beautiful carvings making a visit regarding. 

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